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Thermal & Moisture Protection Estimating Services

Your Partner in Thermal & Moisture Protection Estimating

Our expert estimators specialize in thermal and moisture protection services for residential and commercial buildings. From roofing to insulation, our estimates cover a range of services including waterproofing, firestopping, caulking, siding, and more. Use our estimates for procurement, material ordering, labor estimates, and bid proposals. We tailor our estimates to your specific trade and needs.

At Build an Estimate, our Commercial Flooring Estimator covers all aspects of floor division, including interior and exterior finishes, tiles, and marble stone work. Likewise, our Commercial Roofing Estimators are experts in EIFS to applied fireproofing.

Accurate Thermal Insulation Estimating

Our expert project estimators provide detailed takeoff for each division, including roofing trades such as tin, steel, garage, metal, slate, shingle, and flat roofs. Using advanced takeoff software, we precisely digitize each trade and quantify the materials and labor in an EXCEL sheet.

Homeowners trust us for their roofing needs, as we quickly and expertly handle each project based on our experience and recent portfolio of projects. Our roofing estimates are comprehensive, easy to understand, and delivered within hours of receiving the specifications.

Roofing contractors consider us the best in the business. Our team carefully considers all necessary details and delivers a meaningful, easy-to-comprehend estimate to the client with 24/7 support available. Check out our profile on The Blue Book for more information.

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Waterproofing & Damp Proofing Material Takeoff and Estimating

We provide detailed material takeoff and estimating services for waterproofing and damp proofing contractors. Our estimates include the minor details necessary for bidding and material procurement. We also provide guidance on where and how to apply the required materials on foundations, footings, and below-grade slabs. Our services are also useful for Air Vapor Barrier & Sealant contractors in preparing bids and determining material requirements.

Fireproofing & Firestopping Estimating - Accurate Material Takeoffs

We provide detailed material takeoffs for fireproofing and firestopping contractors. Our expert estimators ensure all necessary details are included, such as insulation thickness, material, and structural assembly information. Our projects portfolio includes schools, hospitals, commercial zones, retail, and restaurants, making bidding and procurement easier for contractors.

Frequently asked questions


1Who has outsourced their estimation to Build an Estimate?
Our professional construction estimators handle the thermal and moisture protection trade work for contractors in waterproofing, damp roofing, fire-stopping, caulking, siding, sealants, roofing, and sheet metal flashing. We ensure accuracy and quality in generating bill of quantities for all types of work including sealants, pavers, gutters, spray insulation, intumescent fireproofing, siding panels, shingles, and membrane roofing.
2How do we handle mistakes and drawbacks in the drawings plans?
At Build an Estimate, we mark mistakes with color schemes and prepare accurate takeoffs based on assumptions made against the specifications provided. We manage to meet all shortcomings and take off the required quantities to provide you with an estimate.
3Do we provide marked-up plans for thermal and moisture protection?
Yes, all our takeoffs and estimates come with a marked-up plan to help you judge where we have quantified the items with descriptions.
4What is our experience in doing thermal and moisture protection takeoffs?
With hundreds of projects on a monthly basis, Build an Estimate has extensive experience in firestopping, waterproofing, firestopping, and air proofing. Our clients have a long-term satisfactory relationship with us.

Fireproofing Contractor Case Study

Fireproofing contractors face extensive work in commercial and industrial facilities, including making structural takeoffs for beams, columns, assemblies, and drywall fire-rated insulation. These contractors often opt for specialized estimating services due to the complexity of the work, which can be costly and exceed their financial ability.


Fireproofing contractors face significant expenses in making structural takeoffs, which can be a burden on their finances.


Build an Estimate services have a solution that deals with the expenses and bid deadlines of the subcontractor, providing specialized estimating services at 50% less cost when hiring a professional construction estimator.


Build an Estimate guarantees accuracy, cost savings, and quality results. The subcontractor saved time and money while receiving specialized estimates and high-quality takeoffs.

Comprehensive Thermal & Moisture Protection Takeoffs

At Build an Estimate, we specialize in providing accurate and detailed takeoffs for a wide range of thermal and moisture protection systems. Our expert estimators are well-versed in takeoffs for fire retardant cable sprays, damproofing, waterproofing, chemical grouting, traffic coatings, fiber insulation, plastic insulation, cellulose insulation, reflective insulation, cladding, roof and deck installations, EIFS, weather barriers, vapor resistive barriers, vapor permeable barriers, steep slope roofing, shingles (asphalt, metal, slate), siding panels, metal siding, vinyl siding, membrane roofing, bituminous roofing, flashings, coping, fascias, gutters and downspouts, roof expansion joints, roof curbs, ridge vents, pipe flashing systems, wood siding and shingles, roof walkways, spray fireproofing, intumescent fireproofing, fire stopping, smoke barriers, joint sealants, joint seals, snow guards, roof pavers, penetration firestopping, and fiber-reinforced cement siding. Trust us to deliver comprehensive takeoffs that will give you an edge in bidding and procuring projects.

For Residential Architects and Residential Designers

Designing a home or remodeling is time-consuming, especially when redesigning due to budget constraints. Our residential estimating services assist architects throughout the design phase by providing accurate estimates for schematic, conceptual, design development, and final construction documents. By working closely with our estimators, architects, and designers can achieve their vision while staying within budget.

Build an Estimate - Providing Thermal & Moisture Protection Estimating Services in USA, UK, Australia, Canada & Worldwide

Build an Estimate provides thermal & moisture protection estimating services worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and other countries. Some of the areas covered by our services include Colorado, Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Thornton, Arvada, Westminster, Pueblo, Centennial, Boulder, Greeley, and more. Contact us today for your thermal and moisture protection estimating needs.

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