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The MEP Estimating Services that ensure quality in your construction projects, Build an Estimate is your destination. If you're an MEP contractor looking for professional and affordable estimating, look no further. At Build an Estimate, we focus on quality cost estimates that take 24 to 48 hours, which puts you ahead of your competitors in submitting a bid. Despite over a decade of work, we proudly provide cost estimating and material takeoff services for construction, focusing on mechanical estimates such as HVAC services.

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Why Choose Build an Estimate?

Our dedication to providing the most reliable MEP Estimating Services makes us stand out. We take things one step further by providing line estimates for every trade that covers all elements of your MEP estimate. Therefore, we have covered everything from fire-stopping to fireproofing for moisture protection and HVAC installation or sheet metals and ductwork, among others. Use Trust Build to generate an estimate and get the greatest construction takeoff service available for all your MEP estimates.

Comprehensive MEP Estimating Services:

Our website at Build an Estimate provides different MEP estimating services designed to help you efficiently prepare and implement your construction project. Our services include:

  • Material Takeoffs: A thorough assessment of all resources used for your project without any possibility of overlooking anything.
  • Bid Estimates and Bidding Assistance: Providing accurate competitive bids for your construction projects, giving you an edge over others.
  • Preliminary Estimates: Estimating the feasibility of your construction project and providing preliminary cost information to help with budget planning.
  • Budget and Design Estimates: At the same time, help you develop precise budget plans and design estimates for your construction project.
  • Change Order Estimates: Cost estimation and appraisal of changes in your construction project.
  • Litigation Assistance: Litigation assistance in the construction industry through expert testimony and analysis.
  • Project Cost Management: To help you keep your project within budget, cost management supports.
  • Project Lead Generation: Construction leads creation and identification.
  • MEP Drafting: Detailed MEP drafting services guarantee your construction project will be designed and executed well.
  • CPM Scheduling: Apply the Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling to develop an accurate and valid plan for your construction project.

What We Deliver

Our deliverables are tailored to suit every client's requirements. Standard deliverables typically include:

  • Digital Takeoff Sheets: Calculated measurements of the project to clearly understand requirements from materials and manpower.
  • Material Quantities and Pricing: Cost calculations by the necessary components with a clear price for each product, knowing all project costs.
  • Labor Costs and Hours: Precise evaluation of the required time and resources for project completion, including labor provisions in cost and hours.
  • Marked-up Drawing Plans: Review the project drawings with relevant notes, clarifications, or modifications for a thorough understanding of project requirements.
  • Takeoff Summary: Complete analysis of the entire project should include labor hours, total material and labor costs, rentals, equipment taxes, overhead profit percentages, etc.
  • Complete Bid Review with Inclusion and Exclusion Sheet: A thorough bid review includes a document of inclusion and exclusion with what is included in the estimate compared to what isn't.
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Components Included in Our MEP Estimating Services

Our MEP estimating services include many different components, making an overall estimate of every project. We have everything you need if you need quotes on sheet metal, dehumidifiers, air-handling units, or plumbing equipment. Our competent estimators have the knowledge and abilities to determine precise estimates for all these four elements.

Expert Mechanical Estimating Services

Our MEP experts at Build an Estimate are highly skilled in mechanical estimating, offering a wide range of services. We do everything from HVAC and refrigeration system designing and implementation to manufacturing insulation, plumbing, and piping systems. Our mechanical takeoff services measure every mechanical component with accurate precision.

Electrical Estimating Services

In the case of our Electrical Estimating Services, we offer precise and comprehensive estimates for residential, commercial, and industrial electric systems. Our services include material takeoffs, bid estimates and preparation/submission, electrical cost per square foot, and CAD drafting. We measure all electrical units to give accurate price estimates.

Plumbing Estimate Services

For residential, commercial, and industrial projects, we offer a wide range of services on plumbing estimating for new installations, additions, or repairs. We have developed detailed estimates for each plumbing component, including water and vent pipes, fittings, valve fixtures, and general equipment.

Insulation Estimating Services

At Build An Estimate, we estimate high-quality insulation for most mechanical works like HVAC piping and industrial ducts, plumbing equipment, and fire-stopping. Meanwhile, we specialize in all aspects of insulation, ranging from pipe to ductwork and beyond.

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MEP Drafting Services

In our drafting services, we can deliver, including HVAC pipe and duct fabrication drawings, piping and plumbing drawings, as well as fire stopping under the sprinkler shop drawings. Our CAD detailers and designers use 3D drafting applications, including Revit MEP, AutoCAD, and BIM systems.

Save Money with Accurate MEP Estimating Services

Build an Estimate provides trustable and inexpensive construction estimate services, enabling contractors to "Bid More and Win More." With our monthly takeoff packages, you can get accurate measurements of materials, saving you money. We use the most up-to-date software, including Bluebeam Planswift and Trimble, and online pricing databases to give accurate price estimates.

Our MEP Estimating Service.

The answer to your problem is outsourcing the MEP estimating and takeoff services. For a busy contractor, being able to prepare estimates quickly and effectively manage the bid process can be very difficult. However, outsourcing to us saves time and earning revenue by eliminating the risks of missed work opportunities. With our monthly estimating package, we can give you accurate estimates and perform material takeoff services with the additional cost of your overhead expenses. Select Build an Estimate for a reliable and effective MEP estimation company.

Build Your Estimate Affordably

You can save up to 60% of your MEP takeoff services cost through our outsourcing estimating service. You will save money and get prompt and reliable estimates at a minimal time.

Fast Turnaround Times

To coordinate our team of commercial and residential estimators, we can provide a takeoff or estimate for the residential plans within 24-48 hours. Commercial estimates may be longer, depending on the work to do and plan size.

Accurate Construction Cost Database

RSMeans and our in-house construction cost database are employed for the accurate pricing of materials, laborers, and equipment that is up to date per zip code basis.

Our Estimation Process

At Build an Estimate, our estimation procedure is comprehensive and productive. MEP specialists with the expertise analyze drawing plans to identify Mechanical (HVAC), ductwork, air-conditioning units, refrigeration units, Electrical schedule low voltage equipment, and Plumbing takeoffs after analyzing all details of schedules specifications and general notes. In our authenticated software, we additionally upload each drawing plan and have one of our qualified estimators take off the quantities to ensure that all proper standards and necessary codes are met.

A senior estimator reviews through cold eyes, marked-up plans, and takeoff sheets in EXCEL. We offer quantified line items with suitable annotations according to the logic of an estimate. Our approach to job-winning is created for tender specs, procurement, and consumption demands. Residential, commercial, and industrial estimates are peer-reviewed by our estimation department before being passed on to the clients.

Bid More, Win More!

  • 1Submit Your Drawing Plans

    Send us a completed form and the attached file on our contact page. We accept PDF files, while your plans can be a Bid set, Schematic, Design Development drawings, Construction documents, or conceptual drawing sets. It may be a Dropbox link portal, etc.
  • 2Get a Quote

    After digesting the plan documents, you will be given a quote. After the acceptance, you can pay with your credit card, debit, or PayPal account, and our team will begin working on it.
  • 3Receive Estimate

    You will get an estimate of all the material & labor quantities, including pricing. In response to the demand, we submit an estimate and a takeoff sheet in EXCEL format or using our template or the client's.
Frequently asked questions


1What are the costs of Build An Estimate for MEP estimates?
For most estimates, the prices usually start at $200. On the other hand, this cost may change depending on how big a project is. Please upload your drawings to get an accurate price, and we will provide a free estimation within 5 minutes.
2What are such deliverables for the MEP Takeoffs from Build An Estimate?
Our team members provide estimates in the EXCEL spreadsheets using CSI MasterFormat according to your specified cost codes. We seek to provide our clients with precise, client-friendly quotes that satisfy their needs.
3What is the typical timing for the turnaround period of MEP estimates derived from the Build an Estimate?
We at Build An Estimate Our average turnaround time for MEP estimates is 24-48 hours. We aim to provide top-quality results quickly and believe that our services are among the best in the marketplace.

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Don't pass up this amazing deal

Take 30% off the initial estimate!

Are you ready to experience the accuracy and efficacy of our MEP estimation services? Contact us now to take advantage of the limited-time discount that will save you 30% of your initial estimate! Estimating us will mean getting accurate and complete cost estimates for construction while cutting costs.

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