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Our Pricing

Affordable Pricing at Build An Estimate

At Build An Estimate, we are proud of our competitive prices, which are kept at the lowest possible level while ensuring the quality of services we deliver to our clients. We develop our pricing with budget-fitting purposes within the scope of the most acceptable, accurate, and dependable quotations for your projects. Here's how our pricing works:

Step 1: Pick Your Plan

Go with the plan that aligns well with your own choices. Regardless of your company size, small business or large corporation, we have an option that fits yours.

Step 2: Enjoy the customization

Customize your quote utilizing our specialized esthetics module to cater to your unique needs. Our user-friendly system allows you to tailor your cost by selecting the options that fit your project.

Step 3: Get Your Estimate

After customizing your estimate, you will get a detailed report of expenses. The openness pricing allows you to be fully aware of your payment.

Step 4: Benefit from low prices

The Build An Estimate will give you the peace of mind that now you are in the hands of fair and accurate cost estimates. The goal of our company is to assist in cutting down your project costs by providing accurate deliveries and within your budget.

Step 5: Quality Assurance

The lower price doesn't mean the low quality. In Build An Estimate, we pay attention to delivering only accurate estimates to our customers, whether for a small or a large project. Our experienced team ensures you receive only the best products and services for your money.

With Build An Estimate, we believe every individual should be able to access affordable schedules for their project. Therefore, we guarantee competitive rates and, most importantly, transparent prices. Select Build An Estimate for your coming project and determine how affordable pricing could give you the difference you want.

Single Trade Pricing

Get specific trade takeoff for just $200 (approx.). We offer even lower rates (within $100) for small projects requiring a quick estimate. Trust Build an Estimate for accurate and affordable pricing.

Upload Plan

Pricing for Industrial Estimates

For industrial projects, simply upload your plans and our senior engineers and estimators will review the Scope of Work. We will provide you with a quote for your tenders/bids within 5 minutes, including invoice details, turnaround time, and delivery date.

Payment Terms

At Build an Estimate, we offer secure payment options through QuickBooks Online Payments. You can conveniently pay using your Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal. Once we receive your plans and project specifications, we will provide a quote with a QuickBooks Invoice and delivery date. Simply accept the quote and make payment through your mobile phone, desktop, or by calling us at +1 816 310 0657.

Monthly Construction Takeoff Packages

Struggling to streamline the quantity takeoff process and meet bid deadlines? Our monthly packages are designed to help small contractors and startups in specific trades like Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Civil.

Benefits of Monthly Packages

  • Save 60% on overhead and estimation costs (no need for in-house estimators)
  • Quick turnaround times (24 to 48 hours) to meet bid deadlines
  • Ensure up to 100% accuracy
  • Make competitive bids with expert estimator services

Dedicated Construction Estimator

For startup contractors and trade-specific construction companies, such as MEP, civil, finishes, drywall, lumber, and insulation contractors, Build an Estimate offers a dedicated construction estimator who works in our office, providing 24/7 customer support.

Starting From $1500 Per Month


  • Dedicated estimator exclusively working for you
  • Thorough support available even on weekends
  • Customized services to match your CSI format, cost codes, and material codes
  • Detailed takeoffs with marked-up plans
  • Estimates prepared with attention to as-built conditions
  • RSMeans Zip-code based pricing for labor and material
  • 24/7 customer support via email and live chat

What Are The Options To Make The Price Schemes Affordable?

One of the most prominent questions is how to keep our prices low. In addition, it's all about smart strategies. We conduct a detailed cost analysis, remove redundant expenditures, and optimize processes to ensure you are given the best deal. On top of ensuring efficiency and value, we avoid overpricing, which can be detrimental to customers, by ensuring that our pricing maintains affordability without impacting the quality of the product. Our goal is simple: offer super service at a price that does not exceed the pockets. Be aware that decision-making is about getting quality and your money value, so choose us, and you will get it together. Let us help you with your budget and ensure your project is done cost-effectively.

Advantages Of Purchasing The Monthly Plans:

Seeking a maintenance-free home solution? Our monthly packages come with all the benefits! So there's that! With our subscription, we will offer you a headache-free service, and you will be able to be sure that your property will be regularly cared for without any problems. Don't worry about sudden repair bills; enjoy a regular preventive routine instead. Our experienced staff will take care of everything from the annual inspection to the small repairs, maintaining your house in perfect condition through all seasons. Additionally, it is convenient because you can choose the plan that is suitable for your needs and budget. Feel the convenience and try our monthly packages now.