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General Contractor Estimating Services

Elevate Estimates, Accelerate Success

Elevate Estimates, Accelerate Success

Welcome to Build an Estimate, your trusted partner for comprehensive reliable general contractor estimating services. Whether you are a skilled contractor, a homeowner navigating an insurance claim, a repairman optimizing the process, or an attorney handling construction-related matters, our expert team of freelance estimators are just at here to provide customized and hassle-free account writing services.

Our Commitment To Excellence

At Build an Estimate, we understand the critical role that accurate estimates play in the construction and insurance industry. Our goal is to elevate your estimates, ensuring it seamlessly complies with industry standards and best practices. With a strong focus on accuracy and efficiency, our team is dedicated to accelerating your success by providing the highest quality professional General Contractor Estimating Services.

Our Diverse General Contractor Estimating Services

1. Roof Estimates

Our expertise extends to performing detailed and accurate roofing estimates. Whether assessing property damage from storms, leaks, or other events, our estimators use their in-depth expertise to provide comprehensive reports tailored to your specific needs

2. Siding Calculations

Siding damage can be complicated, and requires careful investigation. Build an Estimate specializes in accurate siding estimates for a variety of issues ranging from weather damage to erosion

3. Steel Roofing Estimates

Metal roofs require special care. Because our estimators are very familiar with complex metal roofing materials, we offer estimates that reflect the challenges and unique requirements associated with this type of roofing.

4. External & Internal Estimates

From exterior damage to interior renovations, Build an Estimate covers a wide range of estimate services. Our experienced team ensures that every aspect of the damage is considered, resulting in a thorough estimate.

5. The Claims

Navigating an insurance policy can be difficult. Our experts specialize in matching estimates with insurance requirements, helping clients streamline claims and obtain fair and timely repairs.

Expertise Rooted In Industry Knowledge

What sets Build an Estimate apart is our team’s deep understanding of the construction and insurance industry. Our roster includes experienced general contractor estimating instructors, former adjusters and contractors. This set of skills ensures that our estimators approach each project with a comprehensive understanding of the problems and challenges involved.

Disaster Claim General Contractor Estimate Writing Service

When disaster strikes, Build an Estimate is ready to assist with an accurate estimate of insurance premiums. Our experienced estimators have extensive experience dealing with a variety of property damages caused by hurricanes, fires, floods and more. From water damage to theft, we provide comprehensive investigations and detailed reports to support your claim.

Serving A Wide Range Of Clients

Build an Estimate is proud to serve a diverse clientele, including:

  • Contractors
  • Homeowners/Property Owners
  • Adjusters
  • Lawyers
  • Siding Contractors
  • Emergency Services Contractors
  • Specialty Contractors
  • Property Management Companies
  • General Contractors
  • Public Adjusters
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Drying Contractors
  • Cleaning Companies
  • Painting Contractors
  • Building Owners
  • Restoration Contractors
  • Remodeling Contractors
  • Water Extraction Contractors
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Turnaround Time & Attention To Detail

Understanding the importance of timely estimates in the construction industry, we prioritize efficiency without compromising accuracy. Our skilled General Contractor estimators ensure a swift turnaround:

Roofing and Siding Estimates:

 Receive your General Contractor estimate in PDF format via email within 1-2 days (excluding Sundays and holidays).

Other Estimates:

Our professional general contractor estimators will deliver your estimate in PDF format via email within 1-3 days (excluding Sundays and holidays).


For larger orders we understand the need for flexibility and are committed to meeting your deadlines, and maintaining the high standards for which we are known.

Benefits Of Selecting Build An Estimate

Build an Estimate’s general contractor estimating services offer a range of practical benefits:

1. Access To Allowable Rates

Our services provide access to materials, labor and equipment that are allowed across a variety of industries. This ensures that your estimates complies with industry standards, reducing the chances of disputes.

2. Comprehensive Estimates

We provide the adjuster's estimates including lost or overlooked items. Our specialized estimators for roofing, siding, windows, paint, etc. make sure everything is accounted for in your estimate.

3. Effective Support

Our specialist estimators are here to grow your business and increase your revenue. From roofing to painting, our experts provide effective assistance tailored to your specific project.

4. Removal Of Time-Based Labor Estimation

By removing estimated work from time-based professional estimates, we help you simplify your process and reduce unnecessary complexity in your estimates.

5. Reduction Of Pricing Disputes

Reduce price disputes with adjusters, subcontractors and property owners. Our accurate and detailed estimate paves the way for smooth negotiations and settlements.

6. Minimization Of Supplements & Change Orders

Our meticulous approach minimizes the need for add-ons and modifications, saving you time and resources in the long run.

7. Submission Of Professional-Looking Estimates

Present with confidence our detailed and professional-looking reports, complete with your company’s draft.

8. Cost Savings

Significantly reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive accounting software, which can run upwards of $3500 per year. Our cost-effective solutions ensure you get the most out of your investment.

9. Time Savings & increased Efficiency

Our Commercial and Residential Construction Cost Calculators help you save time and increase premiums, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

10. Conversion Of Diagrams For Easier Management

Effectively convert room and ceiling drawings into sketches to simplify project management. Our tools and processes streamline the process, maximizing overall efficiency.

11. Assistance In Obtaining Damage Repair Estimates

Rely on our market rates approved by insurance companies to get an accurate and fair estimate of damages. We ensure your estimate meets industry standards.

12. Thorough Examination Of Insurance Settlements

Our team examine the insurance company settlements, ensuring that every aspect has been reviewed for accuracy and fairness.

13. Maximizing Your Claim

Use the adjuster’s estimate with our detailed damage estimates to maximize your claim. Our collaborative approach ensures you get the best possible settlement.

14. Evaluation Of Contractor Estimates

Review employee estimates for accuracy and reasonableness. Our expertise extends to checking the accuracy of accounts, promoting transparency among contractors.

15. Encouragement Of Contractor Honesty

Build an Estimate promotes honesty in contractor communications through our construction cost estimates. Our details estimates encourage transparency and integrity in every project.

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Our Service Areas

Build an Estimate specializes in providing professional accounting services throughout America and Canada. Our services cover markets in the United States, including New York, Florida, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, Ohio, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maryland about None , Alabama, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, and Virginia.


So, ensure accurate, efficient transportation and unparalleled customer satisfaction with Build an Estimate – your ultimate partner in general contractor estimating services. Our commitment to detail when setting industry standards ensures that contractors, homeowners, adjusters, lawyers and industry professionals receive careful, accurate and prompt estimates that increase business revenue. Contact us today to build an estimate and find the difference that drives your success forward.

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