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Quantity Takeoff Services

Empowering Precision in Every Measure

At Build an Estimate, we offer top-notch quantity takeoff services for labor and materials to general contractors, subcontractors, engineering firms, architects, and developers. Our experienced team of estimators utilizes advanced software and tools to provide quick and accurate quantity takeoffs and reliable material estimates. We can even deliver quantity takeoffs within 24 hours upon request.

With over 15 years of industry experience in North America, we have successfully provided comprehensive quantity takeoff services and consulting solutions for a wide range of projects, including new construction, renovations, and various sectors such as private, public, commercial, residential, industrial, civil, institutional, educational, and retail.

Our Quantity Takeoff Services Cover All CSI Divisions:

  • Site Work
  • Masonry
  • Concrete
  • Drywall
  • Painting
  • Insulation
  • Roofing
  • Lumber
  • Millwork
  • Cabinets
  • Mechanical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Doors/Windows
  • Structural Steel

Who Are Our Clients and How We Assist Them with Quantity Takeoff Services?


During the early stages of construction project planning, developers and investors rely on us for accurate material costs and quantity takeoffs to assess the feasibility of their projects. Our experienced team provides reliable preliminary estimates based on square footage costs and finished project superstructures.

General Contractors

General Contractors turn to us to validate bids submitted by subcontractors before undertaking projects of any size or delivery method. Our construction estimators deliver precise preconstruction quantity takeoffs and estimates to solidify project numbers.


Save time and boost productivity by outsourcing your takeoffs and estimates to us. Our detailed quantity takeoffs and material estimates can finalize your bids for clients, including owners and General Contractors, in just 24-48 hours, with a 60% reduction in estimating expenses.

Homeowners & Builders

Homebuilders and owners want to ensure their investment is worthwhile. Our estimators provide accurate project pricing for materials and labor, helping homeowners make informed decisions before securing financing, obtaining supplier quotes, and verifying bids.

Architects & Designers

Architects must work within their clients' budget constraints while planning projects. Our precise takeoffs and design estimates assist architects throughout the design and planning phases, enabling them to stay within budget.


Accurate material takeoffs benefit vendors and retailers by recommending the right quantities to meet their clients' needs, fostering sales and long-term business relationships. Our quantity takeoff services help avoid change orders, minimize waste, and contribute to a sustainable environment.

Why Choose Build an Estimate?

We promise to deliver the following things in our residential estimating services:

  • Detailed estimates with a high emphasis on accuracy
  • Cost-effective solutions at competitive market rates (check prices)
  • Faster and timely delivery of estimates so you meet your deadlines
  • Reduce overheads and only pay us when you need us
  • Increase efficiency and get more jobs by bidding on more projects
  • Consultation on smartly filing bids to acquire more projects
  • Help you Increase your bid-hit ratio and win more bids
  • 24/7 chat & email support
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Why Choose Us for Your Quantity Takeoff Services?

Outsourcing material takeoff services to Build an Estimate is the ideal solution for accurate and efficient estimating. It frees you from paperwork, allows you to focus on your core business, and delivers expertly prepared material estimates with fast turnaround times.

Cost-effective Solutions

Our quantity takeoffs start at $200 per trade, saving you up to 60% compared to hiring an in-house estimator. We also offer monthly material takeoff packages.


Utilizing advanced software like Planswift, RS Means, and our extensive location-based pricing database, we guarantee precise material takeoffs. Our experienced estimators ensure double verification, reviewed by senior project managers.

Quick Turnaround Times

With our fastest turnaround times of 24 to 48 hours, you receive concrete, masonry, painting, drywall, and lumber takeoffs in 24 hours, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and structural steel takeoffs in 36 hours, and complete takeoffs in 48 hours for residential projects. Commercial project timelines depend on complexity.

Precise Cost Database

We leverage RS Means, Craftsman, and our updated database to provide accurate material and labor pricing based on zip code and location-specific constraints. We also accommodate client-specific vendor and labor pricing.

Advanced Software and Digital Takeoff

Our expert estimators are proficient in software like Planswift, Bluebeam, RS Means, Cost Works, Trimble, Xactimate, FastPIPE, FastDUCT, and Quest Estimating. We employ digital takeoff with Planswift, eliminating manual errors and accepting various drawing plan formats.

Flexible Takeoff Format

We deliver estimates in EXCEL spreadsheets, organized by CSI MasterFormat, Uniformat, cost code, or construction phase. We can also adapt to your customized format for accurate material takeoff.

Inclusive Labor Cost and Manhours

Our takeoffs include labor costs and manhours if required, helping with subcontractor negotiations. We consider skilled and unskilled labor requirements, local wage variations, and provide labor costs in most CSI trades.

Marked-up Plans

Our estimates feature color-coded marked-up plans, referencing each description and detail in the quantity takeoff.

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    You will receive an estimate that will contain all the material & labor quantities with pricing. We deliver the estimate and takeoff sheet in EXCEL or in our template or in the client's template, as per demand.

Our Service Areas

At Build an Estimate, we specialize in providing quantity takeoff estimating services across America and Canada. Our services cover various markets in the US, including New York, Florida, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, Ohio, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Alabama, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, and Virginia.

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