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Build an Estimate offers reliable and professional budget estimating services to ensure accurate project cost estimates. Our experienced team understands market conditions and delivers comprehensive estimates for your construction projects. With precise details and marked-up plans, we help lead your company ahead of competitors in the industry.

We Provide Comprehensive Budget Estimating Services

Estimating and Budget Management

  • Quantity takeoff and third-party quantity evaluation
  • Construction, design, and post-construction estimate review
  • Bid analysis and evaluation of contractor qualifications

Conceptual Budget Planning

  • Efficient and reliable budget planning and analysis
  • Feasible budget estimates

Design-Phase Budget Estimating

  • Efficient preparation of design-phase estimates
  • Budget evaluation of design alternatives
  • Thorough review of drawings and specifications for errors and omissions

Key Features of Our Budget Estimating Services

At Build an Estimate, we offer efficient and reliable budget estimating services with the following key features:

Rapid Turnaround

Our expert team ensures fast delivery of quantity takeoffs and estimates, meeting deadlines without compromising accuracy.

Cost-Effective Estimates

We provide budget estimates at competitive prices, charging only $200 for a single takeoff, making our services affordable and value-driven.

Responsive Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to address inquiries and provide assistance. We prioritize customer satisfaction and accommodate revisions when needed.

Accurate and Precise Estimates

Using cutting-edge software like PlanSwift, our experienced team delivers highly accurate and error-free estimates, enabling clients to make informed construction decisions.

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Budget Development

At Build an Estimate, we understand the importance of transforming concepts into reality without cost overruns or time delays. Our proactive budget development team provides conceptual budgets in the preconstruction planning phase, ensuring economic feasibility from the beginning.

With expertise in construction cost estimating and budgeting, we efficiently manage projects even without detailed plans or specifications. Our certified team generates achievable plans and accurate cost expectations, empowering clients to make informed decisions at every stage of the construction project.

Trust us to deliver conceptual budgets and reliable cost estimates, guiding your construction project towards success.

Our Range of Budget Estimating Services

Build an Estimate offers comprehensive budget estimating services. Our services include:

  • Material takeoffs
  • Bid management
  • Cost estimates
  • Bid evaluation
  • Consultation on bid filing
  • New project leads
  • Litigation assistance
  • Project cost management
  • Change order management
  • CAD drafting
  • Value engineering

Specialized Projects for Budget Estimating Services:

At BuildanEstimate, our team provides budget estimating services for various projects across multiple areas, assuring usability and precision in financial planning. Here are the types of projects we excel at:

Residential Construction

We calculate budgets for the construction of residential projects, including single-family houses, terrace houses, condominiums, and apartment houses, which are other services the contractor within us offers. As a team, we realize the demands of the house building industry and its cost components, and therefore, we tailor the budget to every case.

Commercial Buildings

From office complexes to retail space, our knowledge deals with the budget estimates for various commercial buildings. Whether it is new construction, renovation, or expansion, we examine every detail to estimate a full-scale budget, providing our clients with an arbitrage option.

Industrial Facilities

Our team is equipped to prepare budget estimates for industrial facilities like factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. We look at elements such as asset costs, special materials for construction work, and regulations to ensure the cost forecast for industrial projects is realistic.

Infrastructure Projects

BuildanEstimate is a professional budgeting service provider that estimates various infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, tunnels, and utilities. We are involved in the whole process, from assessing the required work volume, materials, and manpower needed to identifying the potential risks for developing accurate and efficient budgets for the execution of the work.

Institutional Buildings

If we are talking about schools, hospitals, government buildings, and cultural centers, our budget estimating service is always adjusted to the level of public construction projects. We have an in-depth understanding of the needs of those facilities and further give detailed cost estimates, which helps in both the short-term planning and fundraising activities.

Renovation and Remodeling

Our budget estimates cover all aspects, from minor renovations to comprehensive remodeling projects of existing houses. By weighing the extent of work, material needs, and labor expenditures, we assist clients in considering top-notch renovation ideas.

We stand out in the market by our accurate work, quality of detail, and ability to understand the project specifications, which make us the favorite for budget estimation among different types of construction projects. With BuildanEstimate, clients will receive accurate budget estimates that will play a huge role in the success of their projects.

Software Used by BuildAnEstimate for Budget Estimates

BuildAnEstimate uses software tools to deliver comprehensive budgeting advice to its customers. These tools are fundamentals of for great and comprehensive budgets. Here's an overview of the software we use:

Estimating Software

Our team relies on estimation software, which is made especially for construction work. This software helps us list the different project components, such as materials, labor costs, and project timelines, which the system will factor in to produce reliable estimates. With this software, we approach the accuracy of cost estimates so they fit the exact needs of each specific project by being detailed and covering all the details.

Project Management Software

One of the most important ways to succeed in our project is through communication and teamwork; therefore, we use project management software. It helps to lead meetings successfully with the client, the subcontractors, and other major stakeholders. Thanks to this software, we can oversee project management, supervise the allocated resources, and ensure the deadlines. This way, we can finish our projects accordingly and on budget.

Cost Database Software

BuildAnEstimate uses an extensive cost database that collects material costs, labor rates, and labor amounts, which are the main drivers of a project. This software tells us the off-the-run time pricing, which helps us enter into estimates that align with the current market conditions.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software

We can build such models with BIM software from data received from the projects. These models give us not only a way to visualize but also a way to control the quantities and costs of the projects. When working with BIM software, we can spot many problems easily, make our designs better, and produce more precise estimates.

Accounting Software

Lastly, we utilize accounting software to ensure that essential financial issues, including invoice production, budget tracking, and expense management, are problem-free. This software improves integrity and responsibility in financial transactions, giving customers more confidence and satisfaction.

We deliver exact budget estimating services through these software tools, easing our clients to plan their projects wisely and carry them out efficiently.

Case Studies

Streamlining Construction Costs

BuildAnEstimate has greatly improved our construction budget estimate method. Our construction team can decrease construction costs significantly by utilizing our platform. The user-friendly interface enabled our team to key in the project specifics without hassle, resulting in more precise estimates. We've had great success in eliminating the errors, and with our plan, we can now make the budgets close to what occurs on the site. This tool has become an important asset in our construction projects, as we deliver quality projects on time and under budget.

Real-Time Cost Analysis

Our Timely Estimation, developed with real-time cost analysis, has completely changed how we manage bioengineering projects in the past few years. Through these, consumers have constant access to real-time pricing data and industry benchmarks, which can offer a fast and accurate price range. It freed our team to make enlightened decisions, ensured risk was managed, and helped us optimize the utilization of resources. The user-friendly access to BuildAnEstimate's database and the outstanding system interface have done all the hard work for us so that we can now focus on the project planning and implementation.

Client Satisfaction and Transparency

We have not only reformed our workflow, but this innovation has brought customers' experiences to a new level. This platform gives us transparency and the ability to present customers with cost breakdowns, helping to build trust and collaboration. Clients find our estimates clear and accurate, conforming to their expectations and ensuring a proper understanding of construction. Through BuildAnEstimate, we've strengthened our bond with clients and maneuvered a competitive advantage in the market.



Project Manager

"BuildAnEstimate transformed our budgeting process so that the effective interface and the general analysis made the stick we used to track the project throughout."


Independent Contractor

"I must say that I am impressed by BuildAnEstimate because they take services so much more seriously than most of their competitors"


Construction Company Owner

"We are grateful for the BuildAnEstimate that enabled us to bid competitively while maintaining the required degree of accuracy. Their service is an innovation that every construction company, regardless of size, cannot afford to overlook."

With BuildAnEstimate, companies can secure their project finances in a way that will translate into efficiency and higher levels of customer delight. Create the difference today and see all your projects achieve the ultimate standards of excellence.

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At Build an Estimate, we specialize in providing budget estimating services across North America, the Caribbean, and Australia. Our services cover various markets in the US, including New York, Florida, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, Ohio, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Alabama, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, and Virginia.

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