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Enhancing your project with precision and Experience

Estimating the flooring specifications for building projects can be a multi-faceted task. Reduce the complexity of this process by entrusting your project's requirements to the skilled Flooring Estimating Services of Build An Estimate. We are a reputable business that will help you do not just save time but also get deeper into the intricacies of your project, while also working on other aspects of bid management.

Different Projects for Residential Estimating Service

At Build an Estimate we've built an impressive amount of experience in offering Flooring Estimating Services to a wide range of customers which includes:

  • General contractors
  • Flooring contractors
  • Tile contractors
  • Carpet contractors
  • Laminate flooring contractors
  • Vinyl flooring contractors
  • Contractors for wood flooring

Our Expertise

Our estimators are experts in quickly estimating the cost of flooring work including flooring made of VCT, such as LVT tiles carpets, rubber tiling vinyl flooring, wood flooring, dance flooring leather flooring fitness room flooring mats, tiles flooring as well as laminate flooring. The scope of our work is not too small or large We handle all projects efficiently and with precision by using advanced software like Plan Swift for accurate estimates.

Residential Flooring Estimating Services:

From apartments and homes to mansions, studios and apartments Building an Estimate is the trusted expert for residential flooring estimation. No matter if it's a custom house or a home renovation task, our estimates provide accurate and reliable estimates that are specific to your needs in the residential space.

Residential Floor Estimating services that cover an array of commercial spaces:

  • Homes: Discover the subtleties of estimating flooring requirements for single-family homes. Understand the different requirements based on the architectural design and preference.
  • Studio Flats and Apartments: Learn about the details of estimating the floor area for multi-family homes, taking into account things like shared spaces and tenant preferences.
  • Mixed-Used Facilities: Uncover the difficulties of estimating flooring requirements for mixed-use areas, which meet the different requirements of both residential and commercial components.
  • Condominiums and Home additions: Navigate the challenges of estimating flooring requirements for shared living spaces and expansions, assuring seamless integration into existing structures.
  • Custom homes and mansions: Take the most thorough journey of estimating the flooring requirements for luxury homes where luxury meets precision.

Commercial Flooring Estimating Where Precision Meets Scale

Our knowledge extends to many commercial areas, such as arenas schools and hospitals, shopping centers offices, airports restaurants, hotels, and exhibition facilities as well as fire stations and warehouses. Build an Estimate assures precision in estimates that correspond with the specific requirements for commercial construction projects.

Commercial Floor Estimating services that cover an array of commercial spaces:

  • Arenas: Consider the challenges of estimating flooring for big-scale entertainment venues, taking into account the aesthetics and durability.
  • Schools and hospitals: Discover the specifics of estimating flooring for healthcare and educational institutions that must meet strict hygiene and safety standards.
  • Shopping malls and airports: Discover the complexities of estimating flooring in places that are heavily used, with a focus on aesthetics and durability.
  • Hotels and Offices: Find the various aspects of estimating the flooring requirements for commercial and hospitality areas while balancing function and aesthetic appeal.
  • Restaurants and Exhibition Buildings: Examine the difficulties of estimating the flooring requirements for a variety of public spaces, and catering to the specific requirements of ambiance.
  • Fire Stations and Warehouses: Learn the special requirements of estimating flooring needs for special locations, focusing on durability and security.

Flooring Division A Decade of Experience

With more than ten years of experience working in the field, Build an Estimate has been at the forefront of offering Division 9 Flooring Estimating Services. Our highly trained estimators, who are associated with prestigious organizations such as AACE and AIQS provide precise estimate and materials takeoffs for a variety of types of flooring and have earned respect from loyal clients.

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Our Deliverables

To be used in division 9 trading, Build an Estimate provides complete deliverables, which include:

  • Flooring takeoff spreadsheets
  • Breakdown of materials costs, labor, and equipment cost
  • Man hours estimation
  • Updated drawing plans with marks
  • Takeoff summary and the total cost
  • A comprehensive review of inclusions and exclusions

Types of Floors Estimating Services: Designed to Your Specific Needs

Starting from budget estimations to bid estimates change orders to lead generation, vendor quotes to estimates for design, and bid preparation Build an Estimate provides an array of flooring estimation services tailored to meet your specific needs for your project.

What We Mainly Quantify in Our Flooring Estimating Services

We at Build an Estimate. Our experienced estimators are experts in providing complete estimates for flooring. We estimate a broad range of flooring options. These include:

  • Concrete Floor Stains: Discover the intricate details of estimating flooring to stain concrete floors, while balancing the aesthetics with the practical.
  • Decorative Concrete Toppings: Explore the specifics of estimating flooring requirements for decorative concrete that is in line with requirements for design.
  • Glass Flooring and Framing: Recognize the challenges of estimating flooring requirements for areas with glass elements, and ensure structural integrity.
  • Leather, Laminate, and Static Control: Explore the challenges of estimating the various floor coverings, with distinct requirements.
  • Dance floors and Fitness Rooms and Mats: Discover the different aspects of estimating the flooring needed for specific spaces, with an emphasis on safety and performance.
  • Solid Wood Reclaimed Wood and Engineered Wood: Dive into the specifics of estimating the various kinds of wood floorings, focusing on durability and sustainability.
  • Bamboo wood, Cork, and Rubber: Learn about the complexities of estimating flooring alternatives while balancing sustainability and eco-friendliness.
  • Resilient Athletic and Sports Flooring: Recognize the special requirements for flooring for facilities for sports, while ensuring efficiency and security.
  • Terrazzo Tiles, Vapour Control, and Fluid Flooring: Learn the intricacies involved in the estimation of various flooring options and ensure that they meet the requirements of specific performance.
  • Carpeting: Consider the difficulties of estimating carpeting by taking into account elements like the material, style, and the installation's complexity.

Whether it's for residential, commercial, or any other specialization We have the experience to offer accurate and thorough materials takeoffs for flooring needs.

Features of Flooring Estimating Service

Outsourcing flooring removal to create an estimate has several advantages:

Increased Bid Volume: Increase your odds of winning projects when you bid for numerous opportunities.

Cost Savings: Save money on the expenses related to hiring an estimator for flooring costs who is full-time and purchasing costly estimation software.

Enhanced Opportunities: Be sure not to miss the opportunity to work on new projects.

Improved Efficiency: Get experts in the field to increase the efficiency of estimation which will result in increased profits.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Floor Takeoff Services from Build an Estimate

A lot of flooring contractors depend heavily on Build an Estimate for timely and accurate estimates to help improve their bidding process and remain in the market. When you partner with us, you will benefit from:

  • 60 percent savings on costs** with our monthly takeoff package.
  • Very accurate floor estimations.
  • Cost-effective estimates that are tailored to your specific needs.
  • Rapid estimations are delivered within 24-48 hours.
  • A bid-winning percentage that is greater than 92 percent.
  • A dedicated expert
  • Flooring cost estimators who specialize in division 9 trades for flooring.
  • Access to 24-hour support from a customer service representative for any assistance you need.
  • A free consultation is provided on bid files and managing bid profile profiles on networks for contractors.

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    Finally you will receive your estimate in Excel Sheets, which are prepared in Master Format or your preferred format.
Frequently asked questions


1What kinds of flooring can we consider when estimating?
Explore the intricacies of the various kinds of flooring that we can quantify to give you a complete understanding.
2How long does it take to give an estimate of flooring?
Learn about the intricacies of our estimation process, ranging from an analysis of the project to the time-bound delivery.
3How much will we charge for flooring removals?
Find out the clear pricing structure, which will ensure that you are aware of the expenses for the flooring services we offer.
4How do we ensure that there is accuracy of our flooring estimates?
Get insights into our quality control processes that emphasize the importance of accuracy for every estimate.
5What format can we provide estimations and surveys in?
Explore the possibilities in our outputs, and ensure compatibility with your desired formats as well as industry standards.
6 How can our flooring estimation service assist you to "bid more and be successful"?
Explore the advantages of strategic partnerships with Build an Estimate, improving the success of your bid.

Our Recent Flooring Projects

We at Build an Estimate We've been able to provide estimations and quantities for a range of flooring projects. These include:

Renovation of concrete floor stain in Pearl Street Park, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Learn more about the bid estimate as well as the difficulties related to renovating concrete floor staining.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring of USCG San Diego, California.

Explore the intricate details of estimating the reclaimed wood flooring that is in line with the Division 9 standards.

Glass flooring and framing the Church - Green Tree, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Learn the intricacies of estimates of glass flooring budgets by focusing on structural considerations.

Wood Athletic Flooring of Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Chicago, Illinois.

Explore the most effective budget estimation for hardwood flooring with a balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Engineered Wood Estimate for Trenton High School Cafeteria, Florida.

Explore the details of lead generation in projects by obtaining precise estimates for engineered lumber.

Carpeting of The Belle Tower Condominium, Miami Beach, Florida

Check out the initial estimate of carpeting for an apartment, taking into account the material and installation difficulties.

Terrazzo Tile Flooring of Residential Building Ash Street, Jersey City

Learn the intricate details of bidding for Terrazzo tile flooring in a home and meet the diverse design requirements.

Static Control of Lenox Park - Amenity Building Atlanta, Georgia:

Examine the challenges of estimating static control in an amenity structure, focusing on safety and usability.

Our Service Areas

Build an Estimate specializes in offering flooring estimation services throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Australia. Our services cover a variety of regions within the US and include New York, Florida, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, Ohio, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Alabama, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, D.C. Washington, South Carolina, North, Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey & Virginia.

Improve your project's quality with precision. Choose Build an Estimate Flooring Estimating Services that stand out for accuracy, precision, and speed.

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