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Build an Estimate offers freelance construction estimating services at competitive hourly rates, providing cost-saving benefits and improved efficiency and accuracy in your estimates.

As a renowned independent estimating firm, we serve clients in America and Canada. Contractors, developers, builders, owners, architects, and vendors trust our freelance construction estimators, who work on an hourly basis and remain dedicated to their projects.

Our estimators possess extensive knowledge of market conditions and excel in delivering precise, timely, and thorough estimates. Utilizing advanced takeoff software such as Planswift, Bluebeam, Xactimate, Trimble, FastPIPE, FastDUCT, and databases like RSMeans and Craftsman for pricing, we ensure highly accurate results.

Our construction estimators, based in our office, function as freelance estimators working on an hourly basis, maintaining direct communication with you via email. You only pay for the work assigned to them, allowing flexibility in choosing ongoing or project-based options that best suit your needs. This collaboration eliminates the expenses of hiring in-house estimating staff, costly software, monthly salaries, benefits, bonuses, and retirement funds.

  • Onshore-based estimators
  • Licensed team of estimators
  • Affordable hourly rates for subcontractors
  • Revisions and amendments are accommodated.

Why Choose a Freelance Estimator?

As our slogan "Bid More, Win More" suggests, we recommend utilizing freelance estimators to increase your winning ratio, especially in the following scenarios:

For Startups and Small Contractors

For startups and small contractors, it's cost-effective to hire a freelance estimator on a need basis instead of having a full-time estimator. This helps reduce estimating costs and allows you to allocate resources to other areas like business marketing.

Minimize Overheads

During an economic slowdown, companies often need to cut expenses by eliminating their estimating departments. However, estimating services are still necessary. Hiring a freelance estimator allows you to pay on a need basis, reducing overheads and helping your business regain profitability.

Need an Independent, Unbiased Assistance

When different teams are working on a project, disputes can arise. Our independent cost estimator provides unbiased estimates to resolve issues and offer a fresh perspective.

Facilitate Your Estimating Department

Ease the workload of your existing estimating department by hiring freelance estimators. Our timely estimates allow your in-house estimators to focus on the bidding process and meet deadlines effectively.

Specialized Trade Estimating

If your estimating department lacks expertise in specialized trades like mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and more, outsourcing to experienced trade estimators is the ideal solution. We offer expert freelance estimators for all CSI divisions, equipped with the latest software proficiency.

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Benefits of Hiring Freelance Estimators

  • Achieve accuracy through professional estimators with diversified experience.
  • Receive timely estimates to accelerate your bidding process and meet deadlines.
  • Increase your bid volume and improve estimating efficiency.
  • Reduce overhead costs and increase profit potential.
  • Bid on more projects, enhancing your chances of winning.
  • At Build an Estimate, we have a dedicated team of freelance estimators who deliver exceptional estimating services at competitive hourly rates!

Benefits of Freelance Estimating Services

Do you want to make your project's budgeting process more efficient? Think about the benefits of freelance estimating services. Here's how they can benefit you:

Cost-Effective Solutions

Freelance estimators frequently give the best quotes, and compared to hiring a full-time estimator, they are the ultimate money-saving option.

Specialized Expertise

Professionals with many years of service and a wide range of expert knowledge will not miss the mark regarding your project cost estimation, as freelancers do.


Freelancers can adjust depending on your project's needs, allowing them to create customized solutions that fit your specifics.

Independent Perspective

Freelancers provide the necessary unbiased point of view for accurate budget making, mainly based on objective consideration.

Reduced Overhead

By outsourcing estimation services, you can trim the expenses of holding a permanent team that handles and pays for these tasks.

Improved Accuracy

Unlike the old days when even the simplest service would require contractors to work with old tools and manual calculations, leading to costly mistakes, freelancers are equipped with updated tools and expert methods that help you to get a precise cost estimate.

Enhanced Focus

Through exhibiting the work of enumeration to freelancers, you can concentrate on the core functions of your project; thus, better efficiency is determined.

Specialized Experience

We have years of expertise in different construction sectors and understand your industry's unique problems and requirements. It helps us ensure redundancy-free and precise price quotes that align with your project specifications.

Quick Turnaround Times

It is no secret that the time factor is a key parameter in the construction industry. It is one of the reasons we promise to offer you a rapid turnaround regarding your estimates; all you need is to wait for us attentively so that you stay on track.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing model is simple, allowing customers to get familiar with and comprehend it easily. It is because price transparency is guaranteed, leaving you aware of what you paid for, to the last cent, and without hidden fees and unexpected charges.

Dedicated Support

Our team will be with you throughout the process. Whether you request our estimate by phone or in person, we are here to help by offering professional assistance with your projects.

Quality Assurance

The accuracy and excellence of our estimates are of great pride to us. You can always rely on our knowledge and experience while we provide reasonable and accurate estimates, saving you from potentially costly mistakes and delays.

We offer freelance estimating services that will give you exact and up-to-date estimates in time, ready by the end, enabling you to excel in your construction projects.

Our Diversified Portfolio

  • Commercial: Offices, restaurants, warehouses, shopping malls, grocery stores, movie theaters
  • Residential: Single-family homes, multi-family homes, apartments, custom homes, modular homes, townhomes
  • Industrial: Wastewater treatment plants, power generation, manufacturing units, refineries
  • Civil: Highways, dams, bridges
  • Institutional: Hospitals, community centers, prisons
  • Educational: Schools, universities
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Mining and Marine projects
  • Remodeling and Renovations

BuiltAnEstimate Freelance Estimators: Qualification and Expertise

As you hire an estimator from BuiltAnEstimate, you'll be getting a highly talented person with enough knowledge to provide cost estimates that are completely accurate for your projects. We choose our estimators based on their qualifications and experience. Hence, you can always rely on their highly qualified service at any time.

Qualifications Assessment

We conduct a comprehensive qualification assessment of our freelance estimators to ensure they meet our high-level requirements. That includes checking their certifications, educational background, and related experience in the field.

Experience Verification

By verifying each estimator's experience, we assure you that only a quantifier with a demonstrated ability to create precise estimates for similar works will be chosen to work on your project. We make it our duty to associate you with an estimator who knows the particular nature of your needs to a point that helps him/her address your specific requirements.

Skill Evaluation

Our estimators are assessed according to their professionalism, including the skill of using construction estimating software, understanding project blueprints, and communicating appropriately with clients and other workers.

Continuous Training and Job Development

To help them stay up-to-date with the latest trends and practices in the industry, we provide them with continuous training and development programs. It helps them ensure that they maintain accurate estimates for your projects.

Client Feedback

We also believe that our services are upgraded by customer suggestions and feedback, a core element of our philosophy. Upon completing a project, we conduct a customer satisfaction survey with our estimator to obtain client feedback and help us keep up with the standard we aim for

We can guarantee that you will be safe with our freelance estimators specially chosen to conduct your project. Contact us today for more details on how we can better serve you.

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Our Service Areas

At Build an Estimate, we specialize in providing freelance construction services across America and Canada. Our services cover various markets in the US, including New York, Florida, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, Ohio, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Alabama, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, and Virginia.

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