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Welcoming you to Build an Estimate. Your ultimate source for flawless concrete estimating and takeoff services. With a long history of providing accurate estimates and takeoffs, we are the most trusted service provider for many clients, including general contracting companies, construction contractors, home builders, and real estate developers. Explore the world of precise estimates for construction with our highly specialized division 3 concrete estimation services.

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Detailed Concrete Estimating Services

Our experience in concrete estimation division 3 distinguishes us from other companies as we address the specific challenges faced by contractors who work on sidewalks, driveways, paving, and sidewalk construction. The complexities of fieldwork on site frequently result in inaccurate bid proposals. That's when we come into the picture. We aim to provide accurate and thorough concrete estimation and takeoff solutions, easing the burden of contractors and increasing their bid-making capabilities.

Our team comprises concrete cost estimators who are certified and are members of prestigious associations such as the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS). Their extensive knowledge of division 3 trades assures top quality in our concrete services.

Project Coverage: No Project is Too big or small

Our concrete estimation services at Build an Estimate are available for various projects that leave nothing unfinished. Suppose you're planning a new driveway, sidewalk, parking area, wall for retaining, or foundation we've prepared for you. Our expertise reaches across a range of concrete structures, including curbs and columns, decks, caissons, piers and slabs on grade, and reinforced concrete.

We quantify all essential elements, such as structural rebar, stirrups anchors, dowels, formworks, wire mesh, cast-in-place concrete, etc. In addition, we offer estimates for repairs to concrete or grading and construction of Visqueen tie beams and lintel headers, knockouts and shear walls, pilasters in squares round column blocks, lintel blocks, and bond beams. We also provide estimates for sill blocks.

Specialized Concrete Takeoff Service - Customized to the needs of your Project

Our strength is providing exact and comprehensive concrete takeoff solutions across many projects. Our portfolio includes expertise in:

  • Dams
  • Bridges
  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Foundations for high-rise buildings
  • Highways
  • Driveways
  • Marine structures
  • Culverts and sewers

Whatever the nature of your concrete project, We have the expertise to offer accurate and precise estimates that meet your requirements. Contact us now to determine what concrete takeoff options will benefit your project.

Concrete Estimating Services Offered - Beyond Standard Solutions

Our dedication towards excellence extends over a wide assortment of concrete estimating services that address the various requirements of construction projects:

  • The Concrete Quantity Takeoff: Accurately identify the amount of concrete needed for your project while ensuring an efficient use of your resources.
  • Budget and Bid Estimates: Get estimates of the project's cost to make informed choices about the bidding and budgeting process.
  • Bid preparation: Make sure that your bid proposal isn't only competitive but shows your professionalism, which makes you stand out.
  • Design Estimates: Our team can provide detailed estimates to help you plan your concrete design project.
  • Cost Estimation for Change Orders: Find precise estimates for any modifications to the initial project plan so that you can avoid cost increases that are not anticipated.
  • Value Engineering: Enhance your project design to decrease costs while ensuring high quality and performance, thus ensuring maximum value.
  • Value Engineering: Enhance your project design to decrease costs while ensuring high quality and performance, thus ensuring maximum value.
  • Leveraging Project Leads: We can assist you in discovering possible leads for your project that will give you an advantage in the marketplace.
  • Concrete Contractor Marketing: Improve your marketing strategies with our concrete contractor marketing solutions and increase visibility.
  • Expert Witnesses: For concrete construction cases, count on our expert team to provide reputable expert witness services.

Contact us to learn more about our concrete estimating and takeoff services to help estimate precise estimates of your projects.

Division 3 Trades Estimate Building Service - A Detailed Approach

For division 3 trades, our estimate building services provide an array of services that go beyond the surface and dive into the details of your project.

  • Concrete Takeoff Spreadsheets: Designed with care and attention to detail These spreadsheets precisely estimate concrete amounts and leave no space for doubt.
  • Material, labor, and equipment Costs: A thorough breakdown of costs will give you a picture of the financial implications associated with labor, materials, and equipment.
  • Man Hours: Accurate estimation of the total number of man-hours needed to finish the project and offering a guideline for the allocation of resources.

The process of outsourcing your estimates to us is more than just a way to gain traditional benefits and provides a competitive advantage that goes beyond figures:

  • Reduce the cost of software: Save yourself the cost of purchasing costly building estimation programs.
  • Cost Savings: Avoid the added financial burden of hiring an experienced concrete cost estimate.
  • Increase Bids Volume: Enable yourself to bid for more projects, significantly increasing your odds of winning.
  • Enhance Efficiency: Our skilled estimators will simplify the estimating process and improve efficiency, which translates directly into greater profitability potential.
  • Never miss an opportunity: Be flexible and responsive to opportunities without sacrificing accuracy and ensuring you steadily increase your company's performance.

Join us and focus on the on-site tasks, ensuring that we deliver precise estimates and set the conditions for you to be able to take on additional projects. Contact us today to discover the possibilities and find ways we can help estimate and grow your business.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Concrete Estimates. A Game-Changer for Your Business

As professionals in the road paving and sidewalk business, we understand the difficulties of balancing the on-site work with precise estimations. Our outsourcing services are an exciting solution, supplying you with the following benefits:

  • No need for expensive software: Get rid of the necessity of purchasing expensive construction software and save money and time.
  • Cost savings: You can say goodbye to the cost of employing an all-time cost estimator with a concrete model that allows you to manage your budget more effectively.
  • Increased Bid Volume: Using our precise estimates, you can bid on more projects and increase your odds of winning.
  • Increased Efficiency: Our skilled estimators increase your efficiency in estimating and increase your profitability potential.
  • Never miss opportunities: Keep track of new opportunities without losing accuracy. It will ensure that you don't pass up opportunities to work on.

Work with us and concentrate on the site activities while we provide precise estimates that will aid you in securing more work. Contact us today to find ways we can help the estimation process and the growth of your business.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Concrete Takeoff to Us - Increase Your Competitive Edge

To understand the highly precise and time-sensitive characteristics of bids for concrete, we provide a variety of advantages to ensure you are ahead of your competitors:

  • Highly Accurate Estimates: Take advantage of the edge when bidding by using precise, accurate estimations and takeoffs of material standing out on the market.
  • Impressive Winning Ratio: Enjoy an impressive winning rate of more than 92% in our estimations, proving the reliability of our products and services.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: Time is the most important factor, and we know this. Get your estimate within 24-48 hours, allowing you to make quick decisions.
  • Cost Savings: Monthly takeoff packages could save you up to 60% over hiring a permanent estimator, ensuring you get the most value for your money.
  • Affordable Estimates: Our estimates aren't only accurate and affordable and accommodate your budgetary constraints without sacrificing quality.
  • Expertise in Specialized Areas: Access to an expert group of professionals in concrete cost estimation of division 3 concrete trades. It gives you an edge over your competitors.
  • Consultation Services: Besides estimates, we offer consulting services to help you make bids and manage your bidding network profiles, which will help you improve the overall bidding strategy.
  • Certified Estimators: You can rest assured that our estimators are accredited by reputable organizations like AACE AIQS and AIQS, proving the competence behind the estimates.
  • 24-hour Customer Support: Our dedication to your success extends beyond business hours.

We can help you with your concrete requirements for taking off and enjoy the security that comes from knowing that the estimates you receive will be accurate, quick, on time, and cost-effective. Let us assist you in bidding more, winning more, and setting off on a path of steady business growth. Contact us now to start an alliance that goes beyond the normal.

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How We Create Estimates: A Step-by-Step Insight

Our dedication to precision is evident in our meticulous procedure, which ensures that every concrete estimating and takeoff services estimate is a transparent and reliable representation of the project's needs:

  • Examining your Project Plan: The process starts with a thorough review of your plans for the project that is intended to help you understand the intricate nature of your project.
  • Digital Software Use: Using sophisticated digital software like Bluebeam, Planswift, or Accubid, we run an on-screen takeoff to calculate the exact quantities of materials needed.
  • Quantity determination: calculated amounts are then seamlessly imported into Excel spreadsheets, which provide an extensive breakdown, with line-item descriptions that make it easy to reference.
  • Estimation breakdown: The takeoff spreadsheet goes above and beyond the basics, offering an extensive breakdown of the cost of labor, materials, equipment, and man-hours.
  • Current Prices: Our estimates are based on the most up-to-date pricing data obtained from industry leaders such as RSMeans and our database of construction prices customized specifically to zip codes.
  • Other Costs: In addition to being obvious, our experts take into account various costs, such as concrete tests, storage spillage, waste logistics, and contingency funds, which prepare for unexpected expenses and inflation.
  • The Final Examine: A thorough final review conducted by our chief estimator ensures that the estimate is completely in line with your project's specifications. Our aim isn't just precision but an honest and well-informed estimate that allows you to make informed decisions regarding your project.

Our Team's Expertise

We at BuildanEstimate are confident because of our team's concrete estimating services and wealth of knowledge and experience. We are proud to say that our estimators are highly qualified professionals who have received the necessary qualifications. Our experts have years of experience in different concrete projects across the market, therefore issuing accurate and reliable estimates for our clients.

Our Estimators' Qualifications

Our estimators are expertly trained in the specific industry's requirements, specializing in concrete projects. They undergo very tough preparation training and are always looking for the latest technologies, new techniques, and methods used in the industry.

Experience In Concrete Projects

Our team has hands-on experience with a wide range of concrete projects, including, but not limited to:

Residential Projects: Our experienced men have worked on several residential sites to repair drives, walkways, patios, and foundations. They know the specific designs of residential structures and ensure that all necessary conditions and considerations are considered.

Commercial Projects: One of our strengths is that we can calculate the right flooring projects for each commercial property; from car parks, warehouse floors, industrial facilities, and retail shops, we have the right advice for all projects. Our team is well-equipped to handle big projects by staying on top of the track.

Civil Infrastructure: From bridges, highways, dams, and water treatment processes to estimating the costs of such projects, our estimators have participated in estimating keystone infrastructure projects. This capability makes both parties look after the details of a project's technical specifications and develop detailed and precise budgets for civil engineering projects.

Method and Approach

Our estimators adopt a systematic method to handle concrete estimation. This is intended to ensure nothing is left out, and all steps are taken carefully. It includes:

Detailed Takeoffs: We systematically establish all material consumption, including labor force, according to these tasks' drawings and technical specifications.

Cost Analysis: The team has conducted a detailed cost analysis, which includes factors like prices of materials, rates of labor, equipment rental, and overheads.

Value Engineering: Instead of searching passively, we actively look for points where we can utilize our knowledge to make changes in the project cost estimation without compromising on quality or performance and offer our clients the best service value, thus creating the best value.

Collaboration: During our joint efforts, we closely interact with clients, contractors, and all the other participants to maintain consistency and transparency with equally important objectives.

Attention to Excellence

At BuildanEstimate, we adhere to our promise of delivering superior concrete estimating services. Besides allowing our team to represent a professional environment, we have experts and experienced and dedicated members who can deliver personalized services and meet every client's expectations. Through our expertise in the concrete construction field, you can put your faith in us to deliver appropriate, reliable, and economic estimates for your project size, whether it's a small residential or large-scale infrastructure development project.

Bid more, gain moreIt's not just an idea but rather an essential strategic requirement that we can facilitate with our simplified process:

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    After posting an examination of the plan's documents, you will get a quick quote. After acceptance, the invoice payment by debit, credit card, or PayPal puts our team in motion.
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    Your final product will be an estimation beyond simple numbers. It includes all the materials, labor costs, and prices and is presented in Excel or the template you prefer customized to meet your particular requirements.
Frequently asked questions

Common Questions about Building An Estimate: Answering Your Concerns

1Concrete Types
Our expertise stretches to estimating and quantifying many concrete constructions, which include but not only driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas foundations, retaining walls, foundations curbs, decks caissons, piers, columns countertops, slabs on the ground, reinforced concrete, and repairs.
2Types of Quantities
Our estimates surpass the superficial by giving precise estimates for labor, materials, equipment, and man-hours, giving you a complete understanding of the project's needs.
3Turnaround time
Time is of the essence. Our commitment to quick delivery guarantees you get your final estimate within 24-48 hours, giving you quick insights.
4Cost Structure
The pricing structure we use is designed to be affordable and provide significant savings. Our monthly takeoff packages, for example, can reduce your costs by as much as 60% compared to employing an estimator full-time.
5Flexible Formats for Deliverable
Deliverables for quantity surveys and estimates are delivered in various formats, from Excel worksheets to template spreadsheets or any other template you would like to use to ensure seamless integration into your project's workflow.
6Accuracy Assurance
We are committed to precision, which is more than an assertion but a commitment. We guarantee the accuracy of our estimates by utilizing an extensive process that involves careful review of the project plan and digital software usage quantification estimation breakdown using actual pricing data accounting for miscellaneous expenses and a final assessment of our estimator in charge.
7Get More Competitive
Win More The benefit of working With Build an Estimate isn't solely about numbers but an overall approach that lets you bid more and gain more. With our experience in this area, you are positioned to secure projects and do it with confidence and speed.

Our Portfolio Portfolio of Projects A Display of Excellence

Here at Build the Estimate, we believe that our dedication to excellence isn't just an assertion but is evident in our portfolio of projects. Here are a few images of recent projects we have completed:

USCG San Diego Office Reconfiguration - California Division

3 bid estimate that has been meticulously crafted for the task.

Green Tree Church Exterior Renovations - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A budget estimate perfect for the work.

Trenton High School Cafetorium New Construction - Florida

A construction document that estimates the construction cost and a financial plan.

Belle Tower Condominium Remodeling - Miami Beach, Florida

 A bid estimate tailored to the job's specific requirements.

Lenox Park Amenity Building Construction - Atlanta, Georgia

A concrete bid estimate that provides complete financial information for the construction.

Pearl Street Park Renovations - Charlotte, North Carolina

A detailed bid estimate that details the intricate nature of the project.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Demolition and Renovation Tropical Smoothie Cafe Demolition and Renovation Chicago, Illinois:

A budget estimate designed to align with the particular requirements the business must meet.

Ash Street Residential Building New Construction Ash Street Residential Building New Construction Jersey City, New Jersey

A preliminary estimate that provides an insight into the financial picture of the construction project.

The Service Areas We Serve:

Build an Estimate is not restricted by geographic boundaries but offers concrete estimating and takeoff services throughout America and Canada. Our services cover a wide range of markets across the US and beyond, including but not only New York, Florida, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, Ohio, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Alabama, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Begin your journey to accuracy and efficiency using Build an Estimate. Our goal is not just to provide estimates but to provide you with the information and confidence you need to create a sustainable and successful construction project.

Get in touch with Build an Estimate now to boost your construction projects using skill, precision, and dedication to quality.

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