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Welcome to Build an Estimate, your partner for precise electrical estimating. Our outsourced electrical estimating services will simplify the complex world of project planning and bidding. Our team of electrical engineers are dedicated to making the bidding process easier, overcoming estimation challenges, and providing quick turnarounds with competitive quotations. Explore the world of electrical estimating to see how Building an estimate can help your business grow.

Our Specialized Service:

Build an Estimate serves a wide range of clients in North America including general contractors and electricians. From residential to industrial projects, we cover them all. We tailor our electrical estimation services to the specific needs of each industry. We offer a variety of services.

Excel sheets for Electrical Takeoff:

  • The process of measuring material quantities and prices with precision.
  • For effective planning, it is important to have a detailed breakdown of the equipment, fixtures and gear count.

Material types, quantities, and pricing:

  • A thorough analysis is required to ensure accuracy in the material estimation.

Equipment, Fixtures and Gear Counts:

  • Evaluation of equipment and fixtures to ensure precise project planning.

Electrical Units and Pricing:

  • Transparent breakdown of cost and labor units.

Labour Hours Estimation:

  • Estimating labor hours accurately is essential for effective project management.

Material list for vendor quotations:

  • Material lists that are streamlined for easy vendor interaction.

The bid documents should be thoroughly examined:

  • Review of all bid documents including exclusions and inclusions.

Takeoff Summary Report:

  • Detailed breakdown of total costs, overheads and profit percentage.

Our Comprehensive Deliverables

Build an Estimate is more than just an estimate. Our services include a wide range of deliverables to support your project at every stage:

Material Takeoffs:

  • Ensure you have the correct quantities to ensure smooth project execution.

Vendor Quotations:

  • Facilitating effective and transparent communication with suppliers.

Bid Estimates:

  • Accurate bids will increase your chances of winning a project.

Design Estimates:

  • Estimates are a great way to support your design phase.

Preconstruction Estimates:

  • Pre-construction cost estimation is a good way to streamline planning.

Change Order Estimates:

  • Estimates that are flexible enough to adapt to changes in the project.


  • Expert guidance to help you navigate complex estimation scenarios.

Bid Submission:

  • We will help you submit competitive and compelling offers.

Contract Negotiations:

  • Support for strategic negotiation to achieve favorable project terms.


  • Create realistic budgets for project viability.

Value Engineering:

  • Cost optimization without compromising on quality.

Project Management:

  • Managing projects efficiently from conception to completion.


  • Develop realistic time frames for successful project implementation.
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Our Clientele

Our team of electrical estimators at Build an Estimate has a wealth of experience handling projects of all sizes, from small to large. Our experts use PlanSwift to ensure the accuracy of every estimate. Outsourced electrical estimating services are available for a variety of project types including residential, commercial and industrial projects, as well as low voltage, instrumentation, controls and power distribution.

Residential Wonders Unveiled

Build an Estimate offers its estimation services for all aspects of residential projects, whether you are the leader of a small electrical contracting company or run a large operation. We have evaluated residential electrical projects worth millions of dollars. We have made our mark on everything from eco-friendly homes and high-rise buildings, and townhouses to mansions - our expertise lies in residential electrical systems of all types. This includes HVAC power and control systems, power distribution systems, entertainment systems and solar electric panels.

Commercial Electrical Estimating

Our experts excel at managing complex and integrated commercial electrical systems. We have evaluated numerous commercial projects, from modest system upgrades to multi-million dollar installations. Our portfolio encompasses government and military facilities as well as office towers, warehouses, institutions, healthcare facilities cinemas. We are experts in various commercial electrical systems. This includes wiring and controls for HVAC systems, alarms, emergency controls, power distribution and generation, temperature controls and geothermal systems.

Industrial Electrical Estimating

Build an Estimate is ready to take on the industrial landscapes with comprehensive outsourced electrical estimating services across design, fabrication and installation. Our projects span industries like power generation, oil & gas, food & beverage, manufacturing and water treatment. Our services cover everything from lighting and controls to power distribution and automated systems.

Low Voltage Electrical Estimating

Our estimator has extensive experience working with low-voltage contractors across all industry segments - be they residential, commercial or industrial. We offer bid consultation, project management services, value engineering analysis and scheduling among many others. We have a reputation for meeting deadlines and budgets. We consistently deliver accurate estimates for a wide range of low-voltage scopes. This has earned us the trust and satisfaction of our clients.

Instrumentation and Control Electrical Estimating

Build an Estimate is a company that specializes in providing precise estimates for instrumentation systems. Our expert team will provide you with accurate estimates, and support your bid submissions. You can rely on us to provide high-quality services and guide you throughout the entire estimation process.

Power Distribution Electrical Estimating

Build an Estimate is the leader in the power distribution industry. We understand the challenges contractors, operators and suppliers face in this rapidly evolving industry. Our team of experienced professionals has completed various power distribution projects including overhead and underground distribution as well as smart homes and street lighting. With accurate electrical estimations and premium estimating methods, we elevate your business project to ensure its success among competitors. We guarantee a rapid turnaround of 24-48 hours, and we provide personalized services.

Reliable Source

Build an Estimate will help you get accurate estimates. We can help you find electrical estimators for full-time or part-time work, as well as project-based estimates. Our roles can help you in the following ways:

  • Full-time Electrical Estimator
  • Part-time Electrical Estimator
  • Project-based Electrical Estimator

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Our Service Areas: Electrical Estimating Worldwide

Build an Estimate is available in North America, Australia, and the Caribbean. Our services are available in the US and cover states such as New York, and Florida. Oklahoma, Minnesota. Tennessee. Illinois. Texas. Georgia. Arizona. Michigan. Missouri. Massachusetts. Ohio. Colorado. Indiana. Kentucky. Louisiana. Maryland. Alabama. Connecticut. Pennsylvania. California. Washington. South Carolina. North Carolina. Oregon. New Jersey.

Overall, Build an Estimate, is more than a service. It's also a commitment to you and your business. We will guide you through the complex world of outsourced electrical estimating services, ensuring accuracy and efficiency for your business. Connect with us and discover the Build an Estimate advantage today!

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