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Unleashing Precision with Masonry Estimating Services

If you are looking for reliable and precise Masonry Estimating Services, you should look at the Build An Estimate. We have decades of expertise in the estimation business. Our track record of success is spread across America and Canada. Inspiring with accuracy, our experienced team of estimators for masonry has the most practical knowledge about masonry construction. It is adept at quantifying every aspect within Division 4 of the construction industry.

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Why Choose Us?

Our experienced team delves into the complexities of masonry, which encompasses a variety of components within Division 4. It encompasses an extensive assortment of masonry ranging from different types and designs of bricks, CMU walls, glass and clay bricks, to mortar grout the brick veneer faces bricks, lintels flashing, insulation brick reinforcement, masonry reinforcement, and even the cost of transportation and labor. We are proud of our dedication to the highest quality and precision.

We use cutting-edge software such as AccuBid, Planswift, and Bluebeam to maintain these standards. We are certified by American estimators' associations, like the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS); we ensure that our processes align with the industry's best practices.

Our Masonry Estimating Services

At the core of our business is an unwavering commitment to providing accurate and efficient estimation services for various projects in masonry. Our highly skilled team, knowledgeable in the AEC sector, creates customized solutions to meet customers' requirements, including general contractors, masonry contractors, repair contractors, architects, vendor designs, home builders, and more.

Our extensive deliverables go above and beyond the norm, including elaborate spreadsheets, 3D wall renderings costs for materials and labor time-based manhours, color-coded drawings, as well as a comprehensive report of unit and material costs, including staff sizes, labor rates, equipment, overhead margins, profit percentages and many more. We provide many different services, from quantity takeoffs for masonry to estimates for budgets, design estimates, bid estimation, and submission preparation.

Our Division 4 Masonry Trade Takeoff List

Beginning the Division 4 Masonry trade, the takeoff list includes many products and materials. We carefully estimate the quantities needed for CMU Masonry, Glass Unit Masonry, Clay Unit Masonry, Architectural and Glazed Masonry, Stonemasonry Walls, and numerous others, including Granite, Limestone, Marble, Sandstone, and more.

How We Estimate

Our estimation process is complex. Through reviewing details and drawings, the team uses sophisticated software for masonry takeoffs like Planswift and Bluebeam. Quantities are recorded and transferred into Excel spreadsheets organized by MasterFormat, which adheres to CSI codes.

The division of amounts into categories is our strength that covers all masonry units used for walls that are foundational, including deductions to open spaces, face bricks mortar and grout and scaffolding, masonry reinforcement insulation, flashing weep holes, as well as other items such as anchor bolts as well as brick tie. To ensure precision in using materials, equipment, and labor costs according to zip codes, use RSMeans and our cost of construction database.

Accurate Masonry Estimates for Varied Projects

Our focus is on the entire spectrum of projects involving masonry, and we cater to contractors in the public residential, commercial institutional, industrial landscaping, restoration, and repair industries. No matter what the project is, whether it's home facades, chimneys or walkways, fireplaces, or walls, Our team excels at giving precise measurements and complete cost breakdowns to help contractors save time and money.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Estimates for Masonry

In today's highly competitive construction market, it is imperative to have precise estimates that are not overstated. Outsourcing these estimates to a reputable organization such as Build an Estimate can be an effective strategy, thereby conserving time and money. Our skilled estimators bring efficiency, confidence, and reliability to the top of the list and allow you to concentrate on business strategies. It leads to a higher volume of bids, plus more wins and better profit margins.

From general condition to construction concrete, wood/plastic composites protection from moisture and thermal doors and windows metals, interior and exterior finishing, plumbing fixtures, electrical, mechanical, and more. Our outsourcing services cover a wide range of. We remove the burden of computer software and full-time estimator hire and allow you to direct resources to the areas that matter the most.

Why should you build an estimate for your Needs for Estimating Masonry?

Deciding to hire our services is an option to improve accuracy and efficiency. The advantages are numerous:

  • Accurate and detailed estimates: Our team offers extremely precise and detailed estimates, with detailed plans that provide you with complete project details.
  • Quick Turnaround Times: We recognize the need for speed in building, and we promise an immediate turnaround time of between 24 and 48 hours to provide estimates.
  • Cost-effective Solutions: Our cost-effective options ensure that your estimation needs can be satisfied without costing you a fortune so that you can remain within the limits of your budget.
  • High Bid-Hit Ratio: With a bid-hit ratio over 92 percent, our history confirms our ability to procure bids and project proposals for our clientele.
  • Monthly Takeoff Package: Our innovative monthly takeoff program cuts costs significantly, reducing up to 60% compared to an internal estimator.
  • Consultation Services: Our team is always ready to assist you with bid submission and to manage your bid network profile. Contractors.
  • Certified Estimators: We are confident that our estimators have certifications from respected organizations such as AACE and AIQS, providing top-quality services from experienced experts.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: We recognize that support is essential, so our 24/7 customer support provides support whenever you require it.

We Are Excited To Assist You With Your Upcoming Masonry Takeoff And Provide You With A Detailed Estimate!

  • 1Submit Your Drawing Plans

    Attach your drawings with a PDF file to our contact page, including all the information. Plans may be Bid set, Schematic Design Development, Construction Documents, or conceptual drawings accessible via Dropbox or a portal link.
  • 2Get a Quote

    After thoroughly examining your plan's documents, a short estimate is available. After acceptance, the payment can be made with a credit or debit card or PayPal and will begin the process of completing your project..
  • 3Receive Estimate

    Witness the final product of our efforts when the estimate you get with the quantity of labor and material comes together with a price. Based on your needs, the estimate is delivered along with the takeoff form in Excel or our template.

Our Masonry Project Portfolio

Our experience spans a broad portfolio of projects, and we have successfully estimated the masonry of various projects. A few recent highlights include:

  • Conceptual estimate of the Atlantic Avenue Shell Building construction in Raleigh, NC.
  • Bid estimate for renovations and demolition at Morgan Park High School in Chicago, IL.
  • Takeoff sheets for Masonry to facilitate expansions and renovations to the Georgia State University Library in North Atlanta, GA.
  • Estimate bids for renovations to the JFK Recreation Center in Newark, NJ.
  • Bid estimate for renovations to Philadelphia Convention Center, PA.
  • Estimated budget for renovation for Los Angeles Pharmacy, CA.
  • Estimate bids for the demolition and the new construction of the Sgt Joseph Delancy Park in Miami, FL.

Our Services

Our construction takeoff solutions span America and Canada, leaving an indelible footprint on the markets of and across the United States. From New York to Hawaii, Texas to Florida, and everywhere between, Building An Estimate leaves its mark on projects in construction, ensuring precision, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Overall, trust your Masonry Estimating Services with Build An Estimate, where expertise and precision meet, and success is built by estimating one at a time. Contact us now to embark on a path of precision, efficiency, speed, and success on your project in masonry. Take 30% off the first estimate for those from Texas! Call us at +1 816 310 0657 or email us at info@buildanestimate.com to initiate the next phase of your construction success story.

Frequently asked questions


1What types of estimates can we provide for masonry construction?
Our masonry construction estimates are designed to meet the needs of various projects, from tiny residential developments to huge commercial structures. We break down costs for construction materials, labor, and equipment, giving you an accurate picture.
2What kind of projects are included in our masonry portfolio?
Look at our masonry portfolio; you'll find a wide range of commercial and residential construction projects, such as schools, hospitals, apartments, and homes. No matter if it's private residences or public institutions, We're equipped to assess the masonry regardless of size.
3How long does it take to receive a masonry estimate from us?
We hustle! You can expect your estimate for masonry in 24-48 hours. The exact time frame will depend on the project's complexity and size. However, we're committed to a fast turnaround.
4How much does a masonry estimate cost?
We keep it affordable. Our prices are flexible and specific to the project. A typical estimate for masonry comes in about $200. However, the cost will vary based on variables such as the size of the project and its complexity.
5In what format will you receive your masonry takeoff deliverables?
We keep it simple and practical. The masonry takeoffs will be provided in Excel spreadsheets and presented using our default format or modified to meet your specific requirements.
6Why should concrete and masonry contractors choose our masonry estimating services?
Fast and accurate estimates for masonry that will give you an advantage over your competitors. We provide contractors with exact labor, materials, and equipment prices estimates. Our estimates assist contractors in nailing their proposals, making our services a game changer for successful construction projects.

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