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Accuracy in Every Projection

Enhance your construction project using our cost-effective and precise estimate of Building Cost Estimating Services! We at Build an Estimate specialize in providing thorough home building estimates for costs that guarantee accuracy and speed throughout construction.

When it comes time to build homes, making rough estimates isn't the best way to proceed. Specific factors like the home's size, style, and quality require precise figures. It is where our precise estimation of building costs comes in. If you're planning new construction, remodelling, renovations or making upgrades, our experienced estimators will be there to help you through the planning stage until the development of complete construction documents.

We at Build an Estimate distinguish ourselves by providing complete solutions specifically tailored to your needs in estimating. Our highly skilled estimators of building costs use cutting-edge tools and software to give precise estimates. We ensure that our estimates meet the industry standard by utilizing zip code-based pricing of materials and labour and referring to trusted sources such as RS Means and Craftsman. Our dedication to excellence is evident in our adherence to the standards set by reputable organizations like The American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS).

  • Accurate Estimates: Using Marked-Up Plans Get exact building cost estimates accompanied by detailed plans.
  • Rapid Turnaround Time: Get the fastest turnaround time that ranges from 24 hours to 36 hours for estimates for residential homes.
  • Affordable Prices: Get estimations that aren't just precise and affordable, with an average of $200.
  • International Standards Compliance: Our estimates comply with international standards, guaranteeing reliability and uniformity.
  • Monthly Cost Savings Packages: Our monthly plans start at $1500. These packages are designed to help you save as much as 60% off estimates in-house.
  • High Bid-Hit Rate: Put your faith in our knowledge that boasts a bid-hit rate higher than 85 per cent.
  • 24/7 Support: Get 24/7 support to resolve your questions and concerns quickly.

Project Scope:

We are experts in providing precise estimates for various home construction projects, such as modular homes, custom-designed homes, townhomes, home additions and upgrades, remodelling and even renovations.


Our residential estimation services are available to many clients, including residential developers, contractors and investors, lenders, homeowners, home builders, architects, vendors, and homeowners.

How We Assist Our Clients:

  • Builders and contractors: Offer preliminary estimates of budgets based on the square footage cost and allow fixed price quotes and design conversations with customers.
  • Homeowners: Provide budget estimates to establish budgets for the first time, evaluate contractor estimates, and coordinate material procurement and labour needs. We also offer drawings and design assistance if drawings are not available.
  • Architecture Design Companies: Count on our expertise and experience to keep within budget and experiment with design options.
  • Subcontractors: Contact us for precise bid estimates. It will assist in securing proposals, setting profit margins and managing bid profiles.
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Our Comprehensive Building Cost Estimating Services Include:

  • Preliminary Estimates based on the square footage cost.
  • Budget Estimates: Facilitating fixed price quotes.
  • Design Estimates: Assisting architectural design firms.
  • Bid Estimates Helping subcontractors win proposals.
  • Feasibility Reports: Assessing the feasibility of a project.
  • Procurement Management: Controlling the requirements for labour and material procurement.
  • Change Management: Efficaciously managing changes to projects.

Wide Range Of Estimating Categories:

Our estimators use amazing software such as Planswift, Bluebeam, Quest Estimating, RS Means, Xactimate, FastPIPE, FastDUCT, IMHS Mark Systems, and Trimble. We provide detailed estimates covering the following:

  • Concrete Takeoff: For foundations and driveways, sidewalks and paver.
  • Masonry Takeoff: For Walls and Piers.
  • Lumber Takeoff: To be used for millwork, structure, and carpentry.
  • Thermal and Moisture Protection Takeoff: For wall and roof insulation.
  • Openings Takeoff: For windows and doors.
  • Interior and exterior finishes Takeoff: For flooring, drywall, painting roofing, and more.
  • Specialties Takeoff: For toilets, stairs, accessories, kitchen tools and furniture.
  • Plumbing Takeoff: For various fixtures.
  • Mechanical Takeoff: Used for HVAC systems such as exhaust fans.
  • Electrical Takeoff: To power lights, alarms, detectors, and more.
  • Sitework Takeoff: For site preparation, earthwork, landscaping, etc.
  • General Conditions: The General Conditions include permits, taxes, logistics and storage.
  • Estimation of man-hours and labour Costs: Skilled or untrained.
  • Contingency Funds: for unanticipated circumstances and inflation.

Software Utilized:

We use industry-leading software to provide accurate home construction cost estimates, including Planswift, Bluebeam, Quest Estimating, RS Means, Xactimate, FastPIPE, FastDUCT, IMHS Mark Systems, and Trimble.

Getting Started With Us:

  • 1Submit Your Drawing Plans

    Send us your drawing plans via our contact page. Provide all the details in PDF format or other suitable formats.
  • 2Get a Quote

    Receive a quick quote after we review your plan documents. After accepting the quote, you can pay the bill with a debit card, credit card or PayPal.
  • 3Receive Estimate

    Expect a full estimate of all material and labour amounts and prices. We provide the estimate along with a takeoff sheet either in Excel or using our template or the template provided by the client according to the requirements.

Our Service Areas

Build an Estimate specializes in providing cost estimate services for buildings across America and Canada. Our services are available to all regions within the US and Canada, including New York, Florida, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, Ohio, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Alabama, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Start your next home construction project confidently using our exact Building Cost Estimating Services! With Build An Estimate, we're eager to help you turn your dream of building into a reality. Contact us today to start on your journey to construction!

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