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Metals Estimating Services

Your Blueprint to Excellence in Metal Estimating Services

At Build an Estimate, accuracy meets cost-effectiveness in estimating and detailing structural steel, rebar, and miscellaneous metals. We boast precise, valuable, and time-saving solutions that fit different construction projects. Our experienced team of metals estimating services, estimators and engineers uses the best practices to deliver high-quality takeoffs for you to ensure that construction costs are under your control.

Benefits of Using Build an Estimate Service

In-depth Quantification for a Greener Future

Build an estimate to give accuracy to every project. With our attention to detail, every aspect of the task, railings, and castings are precisely quantified with checks for minimal waste. It not only reduces the costs but also creates a sustainable environment that is friendly to the earth.

Swift Turnaround for Efficient Quoting

Time is money, and we appreciate both. A 24 to 48-hour turnaround time, color-coded marked-up plans, and editable quotes ensure that you can immediately provide your clients with prices. Our services range from infrastructural projects to other residential, commercial, and industrial ventures.

Expertise in Manufacturing Techniques

Our estimators and detailers are knowledgeable in manufacturing processes, specifications, and new technologies like laser welding. We provide 24/7 support via live chat and email to ensure you never walk alone through the maze of your projects.

Our Steel Estimating Services and Standards

Accuracy and detail are our steel estimating services. Our takeoffs include a comprehensive budget, order of magnitude, design, and bid estimates. We are skilled in precast, cold-form steel, structural steel, rebar, and bar bending schedules.

Industry-Compliant Estimates

Rest assured that our estimates represent fair information in line with all standards of AASHTO, ASTM, CRSI, RSIO, ACI, and BS. The contractor has been well met, from change order management, project management, and bid filing consultancy to CPM scheduling and conflict resolution.

Our Valued Clients

At Build an Estimate, we provide a comprehensive range of metals estimating services opportunities for clients from various backgrounds in the construction sector.

  • Framing Contractors: Creating the ground upon which permanent structures may be constructed.
  • Piping and Duct Fabricators: Making the passage of life-sustaining systems smooth.
  • Rebar and Structural Steel Constructions: Then manifesting visions into reality through accomplished installation.
  • Distributors: There has been a trend of linking dots in the supply chain.

Our partners in construction have our fullest commitments until the journey is made, and we can see drops of sweat, but all these endeavors are worth it because everyone's role has its value that leads to success in every project.

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Works specifically for Fabricators & Constructions

With a specialization in serving fabricators and constructions with full-scope estimates for various building construction projects, Build an Estimate offers benefits. We would like to make fabrication and erection projects uncomplicated as much as possible to avoid complexities.

  • Detailed Cost Breakdown: We provide a thorough cost breakdown ranging from supply costs to labor and equipment prices. This dissection is the one that can cover all aspects of your project, starting from drilling and cutting to the pivotal welding of steel items.
  • Transparent Pricing: Our estimates include mill base prices for each steel part. However, with this transparency, you are assured of proper foundation costs for your project.
  • Inclusive Shipping Charges: To ensure that we appreciate the logistics of our estimates, therefore, no shipping costs. This upfront inclusion means that you can effectively plan and allocate funds in anticipation of the project execution and avoid cases whereby a surprise occurs during this process.
  • Thorough Steel Detailing: Build an Estimate does not only go to the figures since we dig deeper by presenting steel detailing. It guarantees that all aspects of the steel components are captured, providing a total accuracy level in your project estimate.
  • Man-Hours for Installation: It is also understood that time means money in the construction business. Therefore, in our estimates, we include man-hours for site installation. This knowledge leaves you with reasonable expectations regarding the man-hours needed to achieve satisfactory project closure.

Select the Build an Estimate tool for customized offerings that help to streamline estimating, making it easier for fabricators and constructions to carry out their projects.

Our Steel Takeoff Services:

In Build an Estimate, we offer complete steel takeoff services that provide a breakdown of the essential aspects, including all needed components for your project. Our quantification services stretch beyond the basics of providing accurate quantities to allow effective planning, procurement, and cost control with minimal on-site storage.

How do we quantify your project's success?

Our quantification services from Build an Estimate are also more than the mere basics.

  • Detailed Breakdown: We move into detailer versions of materials usage, plates, connectors, accessories, and construction costs, covering all the aspects.
  • Maximizing Productivity: The quantification services we provide promote better planning of production orders and buys and control of costs that open up the possibility for smaller on-site storage space. Process optimization not only increases productivity but also saves a lot on projects.

We submit all measurements and take them in the Excel sheet, including marked-up plans and PDF files. Select the one that fits in with your workflow most comfortably.

Categorizing Estimates for Your Convenience

To cater to your unique needs, we categorize estimates in various formats:

  • Unit Price: Units-based cost breakdown detailing specific set costs.
  • Lump Sum: A one-stop cost for the entire project, easing overall cost understanding.
  • Cost-Plus: Provide transparency through the total cost of materials and additional metals estimating service fees.

Quantifying Various Materials

We use our expertise to quantify several essential materials for your work.

  • Fasteners: Even such detail, as fasteners are quantified, allows for calculating the cost exactly.
  • Rebar: Take care of the steel reinforcement in every aspect of your project.
  • Steel Framing: Measuring the organization of your structure that provides its skeletal framework.
  • Metal Joists and Decking: Breakdowns for the supplementary elements of your building project.
  • Stud Framing: Cover the framing components that provide structural stability.
  • Stick Framing: Outlining the method that comprises building structures brick by brick.
  • Dome Structures: Quantification in projects involving dome-shaped structures.
  • Access Ramps and Stairs: Assuring every step and ramp is considered to guarantee accurate estimation.
  • Load-bearing Wall Framing: Quantifying the critical factors that help load your structures.
  • Lintels, Ladders, and Railings: A detailed analysis of these critical elements.
  • Gratings and Decking: Specific quantification for those elements that are supportive of the surface.
  • Canopy, Bollards, and Treads: All elements of external features are included.
  • Trench Drains and Castings: Include drainage elements in your budget estimates.
  • Trusses and Ironwork: Detailed segmentations for structural and ornamental elements.
  • Floor, Roof, and Column Steel: Measuring the important factors that provide a central framework.
  • Copper Flashing and Fireproofing: The covering of fire safety measures and aesthetic details.
  • Gusset Plates, Base Plates, Steel Girders, and Steel Anchors: All detailed breakdowns for important connection and support elements.
  • Nosing Strips, Corner Beads, and Ornamental Ironwork: Measuring the decorative details that give a place value.

In essence, our steel takeoff services aim to provide transparency, productivity, and precision in your project as you can build upon a solid frame for all subsequent construction activity.

Scope of Projects

In Build an Estimate, we are prepared to provide our structural steel estimating software and detailing skills to various projects. Our skilled and committed team efficiently handles these systems, whether they are designated to serve the public, residential areas, commercial structures, or industrial environments.

Public Projects:

  • Bridges and flyovers
  • Dams and culverts
  • Monuments
  • Parking structures
  • Water treatment plants

Residential Projects:

  • Condominiums
  • Renovations
  • Additions

Commercial and Industrial Projects:

  • Multiplexes
  • High-rise buildings
  • Recreation centers
  • Power plants
  • Manufacturing units
  • Hotels
  • Institutional Projects
  • Health centers
  • Sports clubs

In any way and whatever else size or complexity, our specialist team will work to ensure that they bring excellence to every project we handle.

Software We Use

Various advanced software power this development, so we can provide estimating services realized by top professionals and detailers at our company, Build an Estimate. Our toolkit's software solutions are convenient and quick, with customized buildings for smooth project delivery.

  • Planswift: Planswift improves our capabilities for estimating and provides us with a dynamic tool to create detailed manual takeoffs that are true, fast, and accountable.
  • ASA Rebar Estimating Software: Our software regarding bulky rebar estimates ensures accuracy and saves time in the estimate process.
  • Soule Software: Using Soule Software, we simplify and facilitate our detailing services as this software's consumers are offered alternative design solutions enhanced based on each project's peculiarities.
  • RGS Rebar: This software makes us better in rebar detailing and thereby helps developers produce more accurate drawings and estimates.
  • Tekla Structures: Known for its 3D modeling abilities, Tekla Structures supports our estimators in delivering precise and comprehensive cost estimates for complicated structures.
  • AutoCAD: AutoCAD is a widely used software in the industry that helps us draw and detail, enabling us to generate precise representations of project plans.
  • Rebar CAD: Comprehensively developed for rebar detailing, Rebar CAD guarantees accuracy in the placement and organization of reinforcing steel.
  • ASA Microstation: This software increases our flexibility in that it can be used to meet different drafting and detailing requirements for diverse projects.

By using these tools in our workflow, Build an Estimate guarantees that our customers get estimations and shop drawings with the efficiency of modern software solutions.

Rebar & Structural Steel Estimating Services

Accurate estimates are essential in the competitive construction world to avoid under-bidding or overbidding. Here at Build an Estimate, we provide accurate and detailed estimates for rebar and structural steel materials, accessories, and constructions costs. With 3D model technology, the team of estimators offers estimates for projects of various types and complexities – bridges, residential and commercial buildings, and industrial structures.

Rebar & Structural Steel Estimates: Why Choose Build an Estimate?

  • Accuracy and Precision: Our experienced estimators provide accurate and consistent estimates.
  • 3D Model Technology: We use state-of-the-art technology to improve clarity and detail.
  • Versatility: We undertake diverse projects ranging from bridges to residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial structures.

What to Expect from Our Rebar Estimating Deliverables?

Trust Build an Estimate for dependable and precise rebar and structural steel estimating services, delivering:

  • Contract Plans and Numbers
  • Takeoff Quantities
  • Rebar Weight
  • Structural Activity Codes
  • Part Codes
  • Steel Grade
  • Structure or Scope Wise Bid Item Numbers.
  • Appendix, Locations, and Reference Sections

Build an Estimate gives access to modern tools that make the project easier and less complicated in terms of rebar and structural steel estimates. Our commitment is to accuracy and flexibility, so we establish our services for you.

Rebar & Structural Steel Detailing Services

With our highly able rebar detailer's support, the most complicated structures have CAD-based shop drawings designed utilizing the latest technology to make them strong yet user-friendly. We work in close partnership with structural engineers, fabricators, constructions, and installers as we can make the process of reinforcing steel placement and rapid building structure completions.

Our Approach:

  • Technology at the Helm: We use some of the most sophisticated CAD tools in our shop drawings, enabling us to create quality drawings that adhere to all the principles of efficiency and accuracy.
  • Collaboration for Success: At this level, working side-by-side with structural engineers, fabricators, constructions, and installers, we shorten the installation of reinforcing steel as it stimulates building structure completion.
  • Experience Matters: Having a lot of practice and experience, we have a working knowledge table approach, which is targeted at bar configurations to minimize wastage and decrease bending schedules when cutting bars.

We Offer:

  • Rebar Shop Drawings: Using our shop drawings, we carefully visualize every detail of the reinforcing steel position.
  • Structural and Light Steel Detailing: Through the offer of structures such as battens structural framing items, roll-formed metal fiber performs as a roofing material in its detailing services; our range extends to differentiating such components, out of which most are made up of steel and needs detailed attention, from light structural steel elements they also comprise of lighting parapets.
  • Bar Bending Schedules: A Bar Bending Schedule is a product of our company designed to ensure the optimum use of materials.
  • Precast Concrete Detailing: With attention to detail, we can work on precast concrete elements, ensuring high accuracy in construction design.
  • Foundation and Retaining Walls Detailing: Our detailed information regarding foundation and retaining walls assures the structural safety of buildings, thus making them durable.
  • Connection Sketches: Since we visualize the connectivity of the structural elements through our clear and concise connection sketches, Saint, who reproduces photo-graphic images in modern times, develops a variety.
  • 2D Drafting & 3D Structural Modeling: This is the multidimensional approach we offer to understand your project thoroughly, from 2D drafting to advanced 3D structural modeling.
  • General Arrangement/Constructions Drawings for Connections: Our general arrangement and constructions drawings enable seamless construction processes.

Believe in the Build an Estimate service that is simplified and efficient in detailing metals estimating services that can be tailored to meet your project needs.

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Frequently asked questions


1What measures do you take to guarantee that your steel estimating services are accurate?
Our expert estimators, especially those skilled in Division 5, use RSMeans and nail every detail in the steel fabrication estimating software and structural steel construction takeoffs. It provides accurate and up-to-date prices based on your zip code.
2How quickly can you deliver our steel estimate?
With the aid of digital takeoff software, our estimators guarantee a swift turnaround, providing you with a comprehensive steel estimate within 24 to 48 hours.
3How much does Build an Estimate charge for steel takeoffs?
Our fees for steel and metal estimates are flexible, varying based on the project scope. We are committed to delivering quality services that align with and justify our charges.
4In what format are metal estimate deliverables provided?
We deliver estimates in well-organized EXCEL sheets, accompanied by marked-up plans. This format ensures ease of understanding and editing for your convenience. Line items are meticulously organized following either CSI MasterFormat or Uniformat, or according to your specific requirements.

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