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At Build an Estimate, we understand that some clients prefer having a dedicated construction estimator as part of their team. Our integrated estimating and project control solutions offer accurate bid estimates, cost consultancy, and guidance for making profitable project choices.

Experience the benefits of a dedicated estimator solely focused on your projects. By subscribing to our monthly takeoff package, you can have a remote estimator working as if they were in your office. This eliminates the costs of salaries, bonuses, benefits, and insurance.

With a team of certified expert estimators and 15 years of experience working with residential, commercial, industrial, and civil contractors across North America, we ensure timely and error-free projects.

Subscribe to Our Monthly Takeoff Packages

  • Competitive rates starting from $1500/month
  • Save up to 60% compared to in-house estimators
  • Customized services using your CSI format, cost codes, and material codes
  • Guaranteed confidentiality

Responsibilities of Our Dedicated Construction Estimator

We promise to deliver the following things in our residential estimating services:

  • Precise and detailed design, preliminary, budget, and bid estimates with marked-up plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Consultation on optimizing bid submissions
  • Bidding network profile management
  • Project scheduling and cost management
  • Preconstruction and change order management
  • Subcontractor marketing
  • Generating new project leads
  • Responsive call and email support

Trade Specialist Construction Estimators

We provide specialized estimators for various construction trades, covering CSI divisions including sitework, masonry, concrete, electrical, mechanical, ductwork, HVAC systems, plumbing, drywall, painting, flooring, roofing, lumber, millwork, precast, cabinets, doors & windows, structural steel, framing, and millwork.

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Why Choose a Dedicated Construction Estimator?

In today's competitive construction industry, contractors face challenges in bidding on new projects due to complex processes and limited time for proposal preparation. An accurate estimate is essential to avoid overbidding or underbidding. Hiring a professional and experienced estimator can help with bid estimates, filing, and managing bidding network profiles.

Architects have the responsibility of delivering projects within client budgets, requiring reliable cost estimates at every planning and design phase. A dedicated construction estimator provides accurate cost estimates throughout the design stages, including schematic, design development, and construction documents.

Training and hiring an in-house estimator comes with additional overhead costs, salaries, and management challenges. By opting for a dedicated remote estimator, you can save on expenses while receiving quality services. Our expert estimator understands the market and brings experience from previous projects. They provide detailed and highly accurate estimates and offer project lead generation consultancy, saving you costs and ensuring dedicated support.

Our Construction Estimators are Proficient in

PlanSwift, Bluebeam, Quest Estimating, RSMeans, FastPIPE, FastDUCT, IMHS Mark Systems, and Trimble.

Our Clients

Our clients include residential contractors, remodeling contractors, builders, commercial contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, and developers. We serve various sectors such as single-family homes, multi-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, offices, warehouses, skyscrapers, healthcare facilities, institutional buildings, retail spaces, religious establishments, and more. We also work with specialized contractors including concrete, masonry, sitework, drywall, painting, HVAC, ductwork, insulation, plumbing, electrical, and lumber contractors.

How a California-Based Contracting Company Achieved Cost Savings and Improved Estimating Efficiency


A California-based lumber contracting company needed a full-time estimator, but the cost was too high at $8000 per month.


Build an Estimate provided a dedicated estimator who handled bid estimates, filing, bidding network profile management, marketing lead generation, project scheduling, and change order management.


By subscribing to our affordable monthly takeoff package at $1500, the company saved on overhead costs and experienced improved estimating efficiency. This resulted in increased bid volume and a higher success rate in winning jobs.

Frequently asked questions


1How much does our monthly takeoff package cost?
Our prices start at $1500 per month. Contact us at +1 816-310-0657 or email info@buildanestimate.com for a customized quote based on your specific project requirements.
2What format do we provide for deliverables?
We deliver estimates and material takeoffs in CSI MasterFormat, Uniformat, or your preferred customized format. Our company's EXCEL sheets template or your CSI template with cost codes and material codes can be used. We utilize RSMeans and our location-based database for material and labor pricing, and can also incorporate local vendor pricing upon request.

Our Service Areas

At Build an Estimate, we specialize in providing residential estimating services across America and Canada. Our services cover various markets in the US, including New York, Florida, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, Ohio, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Alabama, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, and Virginia.

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